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  1. Hello, I haven't updated the Macinabox Docker for ages (way before the "How to Install Big Sur and Other macOS Versions with New Macinabox" video came out). I am also running a Catalina VM I created a long time ago. I tried finding instructions on how to upgrade my existing VM, but with >2070 posts in this topic, I was unsuccessful 😞 Are there some instructions around somewhere? Thank you and kind regards, SnakeZZ
  2. Hi! The upgrade using 'marthoc/deconz:latest' works for me, even with VNC. Thanks, good stuff! SnakeZZ
  3. Dear interwebs, I've had an X10QBI with 2 processors up and running on Unraid for a while now. (Example Picture here:, manual here I've used up the PCI slots on the left hand side (the ones marked with CPU1 and CPU2 PCI-e). I wanted to install an additional GPU in the remaining PCI-e slots marked with CPU3 and CPU4. Is that possible with a 2-CPU configuration or would I actually need the 3rd and/or 4th CPU to be installed in the system? Kind regards, SnakeZZ
  4. Hi! I'm always reading about passing through a primary Nvidia Card. Since I'm using the remote KVM of my motherboard, I need to have that as primary otherwise, remote KVM stays blank... So - is there anything that I need to watch out for when passing through a secondary GPU? How about a ROM? Do I always need that? Kind Regards, SnakeZZ