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  1. Thank you for your advice! Since I really want ECC-RAM in my Server, the i9 is unfortunatelly out of my decission. I also didn’t realise that it doesnt support ECC at all (can’t understand why Intel took that decision ...) so I guess i keep on hunting for a E-2278G or E-2288G. If neither of them should be available I guess I will pick the smaller E-2286G.
  2. Hey Folks! Since I can't find any Intel Xeon E-2278G or E-2288G CPU I'm rethinking my choose and if I would go with Ryzen 3700x (+GPU) or maybe something completely else ... So I started again comparing the Intel CPUs which include Quick-Sync and found something maybe very interesting for my build. One of my requirements was to have low power consumption but enough hardware-power for a storage and Plex Server that runs also some Dockers/Containers. My Comparison brought me to the Intel Core i9 9900T. It has a super low TDP of 35 Watt, so it should be in idle even lower, that is a great thing. The base clock is “only” 2.10 GHz but the boost clock is 4.40 GHz. Am I right that, that's enough power for my requirements? I mean the server will mostly run in idle anyway and if trans codes or other CPU powered stuff is running, 4.4 GHz should be enough, right? Any experience with it? Since the i 9900T has the same socket (1151), it should work with the motherboards of my choice: Asrock E3C246D4U2-2L2T or E3C246D4U2-2T or E3C242D4U2-2T ... Or are there any downsides to put a desktop CPU on a Server board? I would appreciate your advice!
  3. As far as I know they put only white drives in it. I shucked one of my four drives and i got as well a white one with the number: WD140EMFZ. On Reddit someone had the same drives 7 times so it seems to be true that they but meanwhile only white drives in the package. Link
  4. Thank you! I will contact them too. Yeah, I think too it's the best to get the bios direct from AsRock. however, I am surprised they gave you an dropbox download link ...
  5. Thank you for that information! 😀 So I will definitely need this Bios-Update too. Do you know what Version Number that Bios has? Could you maybe attach it here for everybody who will need it?
  6. Yes, it seems so ... Let's hope it doesn't take too long. I want to start the build actually not later than April or Mai. Alternatively I pick the slightly worse Motherboard: E3C242D4U2-2T. At least that's currently available ...
  7. Thanks a lot! 👍 I also wrote to support staff yesterday, let's see if I will get an answer ... What does this Bios "thing" mean? Is the goal to run the AST2500 graphics output simultaneously to the iGPU transcoding? Or do both not work without that Bios-Update (in Unraid)?
  8. Since I have not found a single AsRock E3C246D4U2-2L2T motherboard worldwide, I wonder if it has ever been released. Ever seen somewhere to buy? I've written to the AsRock team several times, but I don't get an answer ...
  9. I found this awesome deal on Amazon UK and would like to share it with you guys! 14 TB WD My Book for: 200.99 £ 237,06 € 260.03 $ I bought already 4 of them! 😁 Check it out:👇 Link
  10. Wow, that sounds like a good deal! May I ask you who this this OEM vendor is and if they ship hardware as well?
  11. what the hell is going on with Intel!? 😦 I have tried to buy Intel Xeon E-2288G oder 2278G online, but can't find a single cpu worldwide. Are they out of production and removed from the market or something? Ryzen on the other hand is so easy to get ...
  12. Oh lucky you for living in the USA. 😀 I wished I also could ... Just bought 4 of them because in Germany Hard Drives are way more expensive as this deal. Even exporting from the UK is way cheaper for me. Now, that I just bought that great deal I feel "terrabyte addicted" and think about buying more.
  13. @ramblinreck47 Don't know if you need more drives, but I found a pretty awesome deal. As a little thank you for all the written and really helpful information I would like to share this with you! It's on Amazon UK 👉 WD 14 TB My Book for 200.99 £ (262,32 $) Link
  14. Got it! Also very helpful for me because on the mainboard of my choice (E3C246D4U2-2L2T) I will have only 7 SATA ports. Is it possible to connect the HBA card (LSI 9211-8i) directly to the backplane of my case (it's a mini-SAS SFF-8643 36 pin connector), instead directly to the drives (SATA)? That would be great and would save me all onboard sata ports for SSDs or something else. Cable could be something like this: Mini SAS SFF-8643 to Mini SAS 36Pin SFF-8087