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  1. Following a specific issue in the Application Support section is hard for the more popular apps. Here's the current workflow: I have a bug. I search for the bug on the support forums. I find a potential match. I go to that post. I then want to follow that post to see how others ave responded to it and how the originally poster posts their progress. If other people are posting their own issues in between posts about the issue I'm following, I have to read every single post to determine if it is about the issue I'm talking about. This is relatively quick per post if the user quo
  2. I currently have the Selenium chrome debug docker container. It has a built in VNC server so that you can debug selenium tests. I can access the server just fine using a regular VNC client application from a separate computer but I was wondering if it was possible, for convenience, to hook up the VNC to work through clicking the WebGUI button. Just googling around it seems like Unraid uses something called NoVNC to display VNC connections through the browser. Does that require the docker container to be changed, i.e. change the VNC connection to a NoVNC connection? Or is NoVNC a way of accessi