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  1. I remember seeing an issue posted somewhere in the forums about this and I've been trying to find the page for this but no luck so far... I haven't fully gotten mines up in a vm yet, I'm mainly done it bare metal
  2. There are too many factors that would apply, but are you trying to run it on vm or bare metal?
  3. I had pfsense prior, it is amazing!! But usually its ISP -> pfsense -> switch pfsense handles everything else and can be configured for how you want it to be
  4. Hello All, I'm still kinda newish to unraid and am having an issue where on Delugevpn it starts downloading the torrents and the percentage goes up, but after a while it stops and goes back to 0%. Does anyone have anything they can share on this? Thanks
  5. Hello All, I still learning much about unraid, however, I'm unable to access the webUI for Deluge (not the VPN), i'm getting a connection refused error. I've already done all the ts I can think of (reboot router, reboot unraid, restarted docker) and still nothing, can anyone shed some light? Thanks
  6. Hello All, I'm having the same issue as @Armed Ferret my current version of unraid is 6.8.3, is this a known issue or is it unsupported? I am a noob at unraid and wanted to see about getting pfsense vitalized as one of my projects after my plex server. Thanks