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  1. So the unidentified macs in Unifi relate to the Shim-Br0, .10, .20 networks Reason only 2 is listed above is because Unifi has listed my IP address against shim-br0 network. Now at least i can name them in Unifi so I know what they are Thanks for all the help
  2. Thanks I will give these ago and do some homework
  3. In my unifi controller, i have these 2 entries. Is it possible to identify what within unraid is using those mac addresses? The CCTV one has me completely stumped as i only have a handful of things on that vlan (which are accounted for) so im at a lost as to what is could be Cheers
  4. So after shutting down server to remove a different failed drive, upon reboot i seem t o able to access smarts which indicates passed without error also, ran filesystem check again, with different results
  5. After rebooting system because disk went offline, I clicked the check mark to run file system check This is the result: Same result if i press 'run with correct flag' I'm going to assume here my disk is pretty much toast??
  6. Went back over my config line by line and found a missing 'comma' at the end of a line!!! Argrhhhhhh. Something so simple causing me lots headaches!!
  7. It was prior to me posting! I had reformatted the drive and got it working again, then it "unmounted" and hence my post before going any further. Now overnight i was running an extended SMART test and woke to find the drive disconnected and shown as historical on the dash Obviously i have an issue somewhere with the drive itself, cabling or HBA card. Just need to narrow it down! I have new diagnostics - Not sure if they show how/when drive was connected/disconnected
  8. Ill need to post my config file shortly then, because, clearly im blind and cant see the error!
  9. I have setup a next cloud instance and when following spaceinvaders instructions for editing the config.php file i now get this error: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator if this error reappears multiple times, please include the technical details below in your report. More details can be found in the webserver log. I have been able to get this working in the past using exact same method I use nginx proxy manager and have this set correctly - other proxy hosts work!
  10. Thanks! What would cause the disk to unmount by itself? Now i understand why it shows as full! This time i was able to unmount then remount the disk and it started working again..... Which checkmark sorry?? I didnt see any previously? When you say move disk to a pool device - how? As in part of the array or a pool within UD I do plan to add an extra drive for recordings and was hoping to show both disk as 1 big disk EDIT: Just found explanation of UD Pooling - Reading that now!
  11. I'll start by posting it here as disk in question is part of UD, but can start new topic if needed if its just an unraid issue!! I have a WD Purple 3tb drive in UD that I use to store recording from blueiris in a WIn10 VM. After a couple of days the drive shows at 100% full, rendering the share inaccessible via windows share.. I know for a fact that the drive could NOT be full from recordings as it errors out only after a few days. I have reformatted the drive numerous times to get it back to usable state. The last line of my syslog
  12. Does seem like the easier/simplest way to go
  13. Thanks @ghost82 Been doing some reading about passing through the igpu and it doesn't look possible! I am considering an nvidia gou to use with deepstack, so I think I will leave it be until I purchase a card. Then pass that through as normal. (amd perhaps with a dummy plug if need be) Thanks for the help
  14. When i say i dont use a gpu i meant an pcie gpu! Not sure if it changes things... Im assuming if i use a dummy plug connected to on-board hdmi i can pass that thru to the VM? I currently use chrome remote desktop to log into vm... works well for me