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  1. ergo... the official wiki is wrong, because of the following statement:
  2. So, you say, the offical WiKi is providing wrong informations?
  3. Sorry for bumping this thread again, but I think, it's not answered corretly. Tis question was answered with a "Yes" to "having unRAID use dual parity I could recover from ANY 2 drives failing?" and the following link was provided: ....but.... behind this link at the bottom of the page I found the following information: This means: - the second parity disc is a mirror of the first one - there is no possibility to recover from ANY 2 drives failing - from the image above it's possible to recover from the 1st and 2nd scenario, but the third one sums up in data-loss Or do I miss something? cheers, d.
  4. Hi. Just downloaded your app and found a bug... Don't know if someone reported this already, but 43 pages are far to many to scan for information :). Bug description: Docker status "paused" ist not shown correctly. My paused docker containers are shown as "started". cheers d
  5. Thank you very much. Starting with your answer I could dig deeper in this tipic. Now I know, that this is a docker-restriction and I have to use multiple gateway ip-addresses, what my entrprise-router doesn't support. So I have to work with VLAN's. Best regards dd
  6. Hello Forum. This is my first post as I'm using Unraid for three days now :). I already had the issue, that i couldn't copy some specific files to the share, and I found the solution here in the forum: Never use BTRFS in the Array It works since I have change to XFS. But now I have a second Problem to which I can't find any answer here I'm using 5 NIC's, it's important for me to separate some docker container to a specific nic. So I created 4 bridges: br1-4. Unraid is accessible by all 5 IP-Adresses, it works. I tested it also with some VM's, each bridge is working. My problem is, I can't choose them for docker-containers, only for VM's. This is what I see on creation of a new VM: and this is what I see on creation of a new Docker container: and this is my configuration: As I thought, this is a bug, I contacted the support of Unraid. But unfortunately the Answer was, I have to use the forum to find an answer. I tried it, read about 60 topcis, but I couldn't find any information about this behavior. Do someone know this problem, or have I misconfigured something? Thank you very much dd