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  1. I've just installed and started using the File Integrity plugin today. I manually started a `Build` process on 7 (out of 28) drives in my array disk1 had least amount of files, so it has already finished But, the UI shows some nonsense 🤔 it shows disk1 as a circle, not green checkmark, even though it has just finished the build, and is up-to-date it shows disks 4, 5, 9 and 10 with a green checkmark, even though the builds are clearly still running and aren't finished it shows disks 7, 12, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27 and 28 with a green checkmark, even
  2. Linux newb here, so... sorry for a probably silly question: I would like to install fd. But it seems nerdpack has a really old version of fd: ``` fd-6.2.0-x86_64-1_slonly.txz ``` 6.2.0 if from Jan 3, 2018 🤔 Current version is 8.2.1 Basically, how does this work in unraid? Do I need to ask here, in nerdpack thread for someone to "update" the included fd package?
  3. @olehj Thank You so much for this plugin. Awesome job 👍 A little feature request, maybe... It would be nice if `Comment` could be displayed more prominently - larger font size and bold.
  4. @bidmead Awesome looking annotations 🤩 What program are you using to do this?
  5. IMHO, this is a wonderful suggestion. I would say `Parity Update` is the best option - short and intuitively understandable. Also, I would like to propose that Parity Check and Parity Update would be split into separate buttons in the UI. Furthermore, it would be nice if: Parity Update button would be disabled by default. As much as I understand, it is recommended to always run a Parity Check not and Update, at least according to wiki. Notice, how much easier it is to say Check and Update, instead of Check and Check without writing... yada...yada...yada... 😉 When
  6. Bump. Would really like an answer to this, too.
  7. The PSU is not the problem. For real this time. I switched the PSU to brand spanking new EVGA Supernova 750 G2, 80+ Gold 750W. First reboot came in less than 10 minutes, after I started the server for the very first time with the new PSU. And it keeps randomly rebooting the whole week. Sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes more than a day... Help, please. If power is not the problem. There must be some type of logs with some information of something going tits up, no? I'm at a loss what to do now.
  8. Holly crap, you're right. Thank you I don't know what is wrong with me. This is not the first time, that I mixed those two abbreviations up in my head. So, the UPS is not a problem... As for PSU, I think I have a brand new one somewhere, that I bought on Black Friday last year or the year before. Fingers crossed...
  9. The PSU is not the problem, for sure: I have 2 identical PSUs. I bought them both at the same time and only about 18 months ago. One was powering the unRAID server. The 2nd one was powering all my network (modem, router, switch) and my main rig, which is also running 24/7. And this 2nd PSU never had any problems. After switching the PSUs, server had the same unexplained reboot in less than an hour 👎 Running my main unraid server in safe mode for days is the very last resort, that I really do not want to do. I have cut the cable TV cord more than 10 years ago, way before i
  10. Thanks. Switched the image and it seems it's working perfectly fine.
  11. I have been using lsiodev/sonarr-preview for more than a year with no problems. Only yesterday I noticed, that this image has been deprecated for months now. I like v3 way better than v2, and I want to keep using it. I gather, I need to switch back to the main image and use the preview tag. If I recreate all of the new container settings exactly as they are now, except the repository (off course) would change from lsiodev/sonarr-preview to linuxserver/sonarr:preview - would everything just work? Or do I need to take some additional steps?
  12. I am unable to add the files to the first post for some reason. Here they are: syslog and diagnostics files from the last reboot. FCPsyslog_tail-20190620-0255.txt
  13. I started having this problem about 2 weeks ago. unRAID server randomly reboots. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes just minutes. A couple of times, it did not reboot for a day or two, and I thought the problem went away, but no - it's still happening. I have run a memtest86+ for more than 6 hours (almost 2 passes) - no errors. Memory seems OK. Should I run a very long 24+ hours test? I have used Troubleshooting Mode of Fix Common Problems - the syslog shows no errors, when server reboots I have added the diagnostics and FCPsyslog_tail files to this post, below. Serv
  14. Can I ask, why Node.js version, included in the NerdPack is so old? I mean 8.9.4 came out Jan 2018. Today node is at 10.15.3 or 11.14.0 Is there a good reason why it's not up to date? Sorry, I'm a total Linux newb. So pardon my silly question, if it's some kind of obvious or common knowledge thing, that I am not aware of. I am asking, because I am learning javascript/node and want to use it to write scripts for myself to use on unraid. Yesterday I spent whole day re-writing my own bash script to do something more complicated, and it was a PAIN in the a**. Also I w
  15. @Delarius @ShoGinn thanks, guys - it worked perfectly 👍