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  1. I am also having this issue where, even though I have excluded the shares, they are scanned anyways. Has there been a fix for this? Also, would Docker Safe New Perms not honor the excluded shares if the plugin also fails to?
  2. Can you update libffi? It seems to be breaking unraids plugin ui when I update it with nerd tools. Or is there a way to handle the updating with nerd tools?
  3. Turns out it was another plugin that was messing up Libffi on reboot and causing issues with the plugin ui. After removing that plugin, everything is working as expected, thanks
  4. NerdPack or unraid plugin ui. How does it break it? It'll persist if you have it turned on in NerdPack Normally, you are able to click into the plugins to config the plugins from the tab but when libffi is updated, you are unable click on the icons anymore. Also, all the Authors show as "anonymous" and the versions for all the plugins show as "unknown". I do have libffi turned on in nerdpack but it gets reverted back to an older version on reboot. I would then need to update it through nerdpack and then run pip3 install docker-compose. Is it possible the plugins require an older version of libffi as a dependency?
  5. Seems like libffi doesn't persist through reboot and is downgraded on boot but updating libffi is required for docker-compose. However, updating to the latest libffi breaks the plugin UI in unraid 6.8.3
  6. Is anybody else having issues with updating libffi to the latest in nerdpack and that breaking the plugins tab in the unraid UI? All plugins show author as anonymous, version as unknown. Might be breaking some of my plugins too like CA Backup / Restore Appdata, it fails to do its daily backups