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  1. huh, some extra digging and according to the network tab in chrome dev tools, im seeing logging.htm status is failing with an error of (failed) net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR Maybe a point in the right direction.
  2. right, sorry, im used to discord auto grabbing the image. one sec
  3. So im not sure if this is just a misconfiguration issue or if SSL is actively refusing to update the log window. But i recently setup nginx proxy manager and added my unraid dashboard to it. However after i did i started running into issues. First the cpu stats werent updating and second the server log button on the top right wouldnt update and just kept loading in the popup window. Now i was able to fix the cpu stats not working by adding websockets support on nginx proxy manager, however that didnt fix the log error i was experiencing. So now i can access my unraid dashboard at and it says its secure and everything seems to work besides the system log viewer. Now whats funny is the docker logs that popup still work, its just the system logs from the unraid GUI that do not. So hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. these are the setting i set, maybe someone can tell me if its not setup right. if it is setup right then il add more info to hopefully find out the cause. I appreciate your time
  4. Mine started doing the same thing with my new gtx 1660. Thought it was a corrupt bios but a reflash didn't fix it. Wondering if it has something todo with CA appdata backup as its scheduled to run at 5am and my card always dies every other day at 530am.
  5. That solved it. Thx for the insight guys. Wish i would have seen it sooner lol.
  6. I think iv cleared Filebot from issue. I believe it is causing another app issue because that app doesnt have the path output. May have a idea how to fix it now.
  7. i've been trying for hours to get this keeplink thing to work. Can someone maybe give me the answer, im like starting to pull my hair out haha. i have shares for Downloads, Movies, TV located in /mnt/user in Downloads i have a complete folder that has all the completed files. Iv tried a few diff paths in the docker container settings but still keep getting the wrong symlink path.
  8. awe ok i get it. So it must be a config issue then because after it does keeplink, deluge nolonger has access to the file/symlink. Is it even safe to give a docker /mnt/user access?
  9. AMC seems to be adding the wrong link for keeplink when using unraid. In the logs it shows [amc] [KEEPLINK] from [/watch/testMovie/testMovie.mkv] to [/output/Movies/testMovie.mkv] which is correct and works, However the terminal shows testMovie.mkv -> ../../output/Movies/testMovie.mkv which makes the link broken(due to the ../..). So im fairly new to unraid but from what im seeing in the logs to what im seeing in the terminal seem like 2 diff outcomes. Is there a reason why in the logs it shows the correct path but when actually viewed and tested the link is broken and pointing to the wrong location? I dont understand why its even adding the '../..' when its using a direct path. Did i just messup the config or something?