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  1. Just realised how old my HDDs are. Still running basically the same setup since first built but unraid has so many more features now. Good work all.
  2. HDMI over Ethernet is definitely a way to do it but in my case (as mentioned) it would be expensive. Especially for something that I don't really need - just really want! 😁 Maybe cheap android boxes using RDP??? I don't have any experience with RDP so can't say if that would be any good.
  3. Yeah will do. I already love how much my server does but for it to serve the whole house with Pc's would be awesome. Im in a similar boat - need time to develop a plan. Cheers
  4. Hi mate. Great read and build. How'd you go with running VM's in different rooms? I've not come across a solution that suits me yet.
  5. Apologies for bumping this back up to the top but I thought Id finalise this post with my experience with my Win 10 Unraid VM. Approximately 6 months ago I purchased an i7 2600 from ebay for a good price and some ram and an SSD. This ended being the cheapest way for me to upgrade my unraid server to something that might be able to serve both purposes - server/windows main computer. After a fair bit of tinkering and lots of visits to this forum I got it up and running. And its been running great. The Mrs doesn't even know the difference and I really like having everything in one case. The biggest issue I've had is that sometimes the VM does not boot up after a reboot. I found that this occurred quite a few times (with Windows updates) when I first got this up and running but I haven't experienced it recently. THe VM has been up for a good few months without it being stuck after reboot.That's not a problem for me because I never shut it down but that may not suit others. I have found that my motherboard and case probably don't have enough usb ports available and its been a but it a balancing act to choose which ones to dedicate to the server an which ones for the VM. This issue has some obvious solutions and is no game changer. Anyway, Ive managed to make the VM on unraid my main PC. Cheers
  6. All great suggestions above. I've been through days of troubleshooting Samba issues between various devices. In the end what resolved all my issues was a fully wired network. Not ideal and not possible for everyone but it sorted out my headache. My witchcraft was not up to scratch.
  7. Yeah. It's a real pain having to restart the whole system every time.
  8. Hi all, When I force stop my vm a frozen image remains on the monitor. Is that normal? Also after a force stop no image is passed through the graphics card until I reboot my server. I have come across this issue in the forums somewhere. I usually try and shutdown the vm cleanly and only force stop when necessary. Using: Seabios I440fx 2.5 Hyperv - no Nvidia 210 Most other defaults and the hardware in my signature. I've tried OVMF but it won't work for me. I can't remember why I started turning hyper v off Can anyone tell if this is a card issue or a settings issue? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply. Can you give me some detail about how the updates impact your system?
  10. My plan at this stage is to only have one vm to replace my current pc. I've got a couple of serviceable laptop and around but it's time to upgrade the pc and the decision came down to whether to run vm or new pc. I won't be losing anything if I try the vm first so that's what I've decided to do. DoeBoye can you add a link to the ControlR app. I like the idea of that.
  11. Good points METDeath and CHBMB. You will need something else for configuration purposes.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Yes I've been through thathe info before. I guess what I'll do is put it all together and if it becomes too difficult for the mrs I'll separate it into two systems. If anyone has some first hand experience with a non tech partner using a vm I'd still like to hear.
  13. Hi all, Just hoping to get some opinions about using my unraid sever as my main pc. Been using unraid for about 5 years and love it. My system has never missed a beat and I've had a lot of fun learning about and configuring it. The time has come/past to upgrade my socket 775 main pc. This is the pc my wife and I use for work/study purposes. It needs to be reliable and also easy for my not so tech savvy wife. I enjoy troubleshooting and tinkering but my wife doesn't. My main question to everyone is whether you would recommend using unraid with virtualized windows or just build a dedicated pc? Finally, I plan to build around a i7 6700 or i5 6600 - a significant jump from my current cpu and probably overkill for the workload I've described. Cheers
  14. Looks like your cpu does support vtx but not Vtd. You'll need vtd to assign different components of your system to individual vms. Sounds like you'll need a differen cpu. Don't forget to ensure your motherboard supports vtx and vtd too.
  15. Thanks for the reply guys. That's cleared it up.