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  1. Have been trying to get Authelia setup but encountered this in my logs when trying to start, went back through my config a few times over but cant seem to find where I went wrong, any thoughts?
  2. Take a quick read through these 2 threads, but a quick coles notes on the subject is HDR tone mapping does not work yet with the 12th gen IGPU's, I recently tested this myself and was able to HW transcode on my setup (12600k) 4k HEVC/H.265 file correctly with HDR tone mapping disabled, but not enabled. There has also been some stability issues reported with the i915 module (not just for 12 series), I have only experienced this crash one time with my setup so far when trying to download via plex (transcoding down to a smaller file size for offline mobile use). But I honestly don't transcode much as nearly all of my content is direct streamed, so I have disabled my HW transcoding for now until this issue is resolved. But seeing as you are currently running ok with your setup, maybe this wont be an issue for you, but figured it was worth noting just in case.
  3. No problem, this is the IOMMU Groups with no ACS overrides, if you want to see with overrides I can get them later tonight, just cant restart right now.
  4. Sorry if this was the wrong section to post this in, just going by the header description it seemed relevant. Thanks for the link though, have not seen this one before, will definitely be implementing it to make thing easier.
  5. Is there a way to get a previous flash backup to the latest automatically generated one? I recently had a lockup and upon restart I had lost my rclone config file for some reason, and at the same time a new backup was created before I noticed the problem, so the backup I have access to does not seem to contain my old rclone config file. I can obviously just set this up again as it seems to be my only issue, but figured I would check here first.
  6. Just tested, no go with HDR tone mapping enabled, I get the following error in plex, no crash, just wont play the file. Will HW transcode a 4k HEVC/H.265 file correctly with HDR tone mapping disabled though just for reference but I think we already knew this. [Transcoder] [AVHWDeviceContext @ 0x152cdfc030c0] No matching devices found.
  7. I have not yet as I was still on the process of moving most of my media over from another server but can do some testing today hopefully to see. Will report back once I try it.
  8. @DZMM Just wanted to say great work on these scripts, got everything working well after a few hickups on my own end and so far things have been working great during my testing. Thanks to you and everyone else who has contributed to this project and for sharing it with the rest of us, next 🍺 is on me.
  9. Mine has been running smoothly on 6.10rc2 for the last few weeks. Have been running Plex (with hw transcoding on with the igpu, although not used much as I direct stream everything, but did work fine in testing), Sonarr, Radarr, NZBget, a windows 10 VM with a seperate video card passed though (on and off use right now but never had an issue yet). Setup was smooth, nothing out of the ordinary other than the couple minor extra steps above for Plex HW transcoding.
  10. Sorry but are you referring the the errors for the dockers not starting at the end of the log? I can remove them from the script if it is causing an issue and add them back later, the dockers on this system are not currently installed, just wanted to test the scrip out before continuing with getting all my docker containers setup. Did not think it would matter if it failed to start the dockers.
  11. I am having an issue on a new setup in which I do not have permission to add files to the created folders under /mnt/user/mount_mergerfs/gdrive_media_vfs The mount script appears to run fine without errors, but I cant add media to the above folder to test, tried using both windows via SMB and Krusader. I changed very little in the mount script other than the rclone remote name This is my mount script: And my log:
  12. So I have read up on about everything I can find regarding this topic and watched space invaders video multiple times regarding the topic as well but was wondering if anyone may have some input regarding my current situation/setup. Currently setting up a new server, mainly used for general file storage, Plex, sonarr, Radarr, Usenet DL, plus one windows 10 VM as a fairly light use workstation. The build has 4 nvme drives, 2 x 1tb wd blue sn550s and 2 x 1tb wd black sn750s. My current thoughts are having the 2 blues together in one cache pool, raid 1, for protected write caching. 1 black is going to be strictly for the VM, I am doing this as my wife will primarily be using the VM as a work computer, direct connected with passed through video ect. and I wanted to keep it feeling as bare metal as possible. The other black I was planning on having for the docker containers and app data. Where I am stuck is where I should throw my downloads that won't negatively impact performance too much. I may consider separating it completely if need be but would prefer not to. My initial thought is to put it with the app data/docker cache pool, I feel like this drive had more than enough speed to handle both jobs, but maybe I am wrong. Any suggestions/feedback would be great, thanks everyone.
  13. I cannot confirm actual functionality at 2.5 Gb speeds right now unfortunately as I have not upgraded my network to support it just yet. But my system info is showing it as a supported link mode so I can only assume it would work.
  14. In case anyone is curious, I am setting up a new server now with a 12600k and ASRock Z690 Steel Legend, my onboard NIC is working correctly (Dragon RTL8125BG) on 6.10.0-rc2
  15. After a few years of casually following Unraid and its additions/development I finally decided it is time to take the plunge and build a new Unraid based server. I have always had a build it not buy it mentality yet I have been relying on Synology products (and one storage spaces based build) for my main storage and media requirements for the last 15 years. Can't say they have not been serving my needs but I am looking forward to this new (to me) adventure. I decided I did not want to limit myself in the future with this build, and leave myself what I believe will be a fair amount of head room so I decided to go with some modern hardware (Intel 12600k) despite this possibly causing me some initial difficulty. My main uses for the server are going to be general storage, Plex, Sonarr, Radarr, NZBget, and a Windows 10 VM for a light use workstation (if I can get this to work correctly and the wife does not really notice she is working off of a VM). Planning on running the VM direct from the server, seperate video card passed through, seperate nvme, as well as a usb controller to give her a hub on the desk for connecting peripherals. Hoping this will be enough to make it feel like a seperate PC and I can get her off my gaming rig for her daily work until we get into our new house and she has a seperate office space. At this point I will be kind enough to build her a new workstation. I am sure you will see me around when I butcher something and need help, well hopefully not but plan for the worst and hope for the best right. Regardless I will be constantly lurking, watching for new ideas and fun things to play with. Been doing a ton of reading here lately and there is definitely a great support community here that I can hopefully contribute to in some way, at least someday.