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  1. Odd, I have been using the RC's right from 6.10 RC2 on and have never had a permission issue, no modifications to the base script. I did not upgrade from 6.9.2 or anything lower though, I did a fresh install of 6.10 RC2 and have been updating since then. That being said I did not let the script make any of my folders within the mergerfs folder, I made them myself after the script had everything mounted, maybe that is the difference in my case?
  2. Lots of different resources out there if you do a quick Google search.
  3. I would add what exactly you do with your main computer, gaming? Competitive gaming? Video/photo editing? Ect. I have my server running with a 12600k, 3 1tb nvme drives, 6 4tb HDD. I use it for storage, Plex and supporting arr's, plus a dedicated windows 10 VM that runs 100% of the time that the wife uses 8-10 hours a day for work for mainly basic computing type tasks (Excell, word, browsing, video conferencing, email, ect.). I only have the VM using 4 cores 8 threads and 12GB of RAM, one NVME dedicated to it, a pcie usb card passed through (as I could not pass through any of the ones from my motherboard due to IOMMU groupings), and a little GT 1030 passed through for video. I have not performed any performance testing but she has not noticed any day to day use performance differences from when she was using my bare metal 5900x/RTX 3080 gaming PC of which there is obviously a drastic difference to. I have also played around a little with the VM before handing it over to her for work and it felt snappy and responsive during all the day to day type tasks I put it through when testing. So I would say it greatly depends on use case for the VM, and how much of the available resources you let it use. But there are people out there doing full gaming VM's off an unraid server with minimal performance differences from what I have heard, have not tried or done this myself.
  4. You could go this route, I was running it for a while when I wanted to keep an eye on things, worked very well for me.
  5. Just a thought I had for a possible visual addition to this fantastic plugin. Highlighting when hovering over a script to more easily identify which script you are on when over in the far right like in the log section for example. Kind of like is implemented in the new Dynamix File Manager plugin, or how things are highlighted in the main and shares tabs of Unraid 6.10.0-rc4.
  6. Ya I really like the highlighting on other pages like shares and main, but on the dashboard it looks pretty odd and feels clumsy to me.
  7. I don't do a ton of transcoding as most of my users are setup and able to direct play everything, but I have tested with 3 simultaneous 1080p - 720p and 1080p-1080p downgrades and it did not seem to stress the cpu too much, I was allowing full CPU access to plex, no pinning, did not test any software transcoding with 4k as I do not do/allow any 4k transcoding. I am only running a 12600k. I just have the /dev/dri removed from the plex docker setting and HW transcoding turned off in plex itself. I have i915 blacklisted in the config file, and I do still have Intel GPU TOP installed as well as GPU Statistics, not causing me any stability issues as long as it is not being used by plex (or anything for that matter) so I have not felt the need to remove them.
  8. This is what I am running currently, and my system has been 100% stable and running well for a couple months now running Plex (hw transcoding disabled) 10 other dockers for downloads, backup, ect. And a windows 10 VM with a Nvidia GPU passed through as well as a pcie usb controller that runs full time and gets used daily as my wife's work PC for now. No complaints.
  9. I ran a quick test tonight after upgrading to 6.10.0-rc3 and I was able to lock up the server on 3 separate occasions when transcoding via plex. Now I was actually able to see something on my syslog this time around (see below) unlike previously, I am assuming this is the same issue unless I have something else going on that is causing this? I am running a 12600k.
  10. I just figured I would post here as well since I just noticed I am getting this same message flooding my syslog running 6.10.0-RC2, appears to be only when my Windows 10 VM is running (hard to tell as it is nearly always running) but I can test this further if I need to. I did have it down for a backup on Feb 24th @ 19:40-20:59 or so and the errors disappear during that timeframe so I am pretty confident in the relation as well. Attached my logs for reference in case it is helpful. This is not causing me any issues as far as I can tell, system has been working well and is stable. Should I be worried about doing anything at this time to get rid of these errors or just ignore them for now?
  11. I have the non-XL version of the Meshify case for my server right now. I have only ever had 6 drives in it though, all mounted up front directly behind the fans. I have 3 noctua 140mm fans up front and the 2 fractical fans out back as exhaust (one in the factory rear position and one exhausting out the top). My processor (12600k) is air cooled by a noctua NH-D15 pushing rearward out the back of the case. During heavy disk use like a parity rebuild the worst I have ever seen the drives get is around 33-34. They typically sit spun up and idle around 28-29. They are spaced out up front with a drive space in between each of them so lots of air flow right now, with more drives and less spacing I am sure the temps will go up a couple degrees but not drastically. Side note I also don't have the fans spinning right up, they are controlled by drive temps but never get spun hard with the drives only getting to 33 or so. I am sure I could keep them even cooler if I let the fans go full bore.
  12. Only real issues that I know of currently are a few NIC cards not being recognized depending on the motherboard, an issue with random shutdowns with Intel i915 module if using the IGPU (not limited to 12th gen), and currently no HDR tone mapping if HW transcoding with plex with the IGPU. Mine has been running solid for a few months now, zero issues with hardware or anything related to the 12th gen processor, I am using it for plex, all my storage, a dedicated windows 10 VM with a separate GPU and PCIE USB controller passed though, and a fair amount of other small dockers for downloads, backups, ect. I am sure a lot of these small quirks are going to be ironed out in a fairly decent time (probably when they release 6.10 as a stable release, if they even affect your desired setup. I personally don't do any 4k transcoding, or much transcoding at all from my plex server so for now I just have the HW transcoding turned off (IGPU not passed to the Plex container and sits inactive) and have never had a crash, and the NIC on my MB (ASRock Steel Legend Z690) works fine running 6.10-RC2. Do you plan on a bunch more PCI devices in the future than what you have listed? Would also be able to eliminate that thunderbolt card with most Z690 boards as they typically have type-c 3.2 Gen 2 right on them (assuming that is what you were going for). Seems like there would be more than enough PCIe lane headroom for you use case, plus PCIe 5 and Gen 4 M2 slots. I would would also consider going for more RAM if running both the gaming and streaming VM along side unraid with plex and such running all at the same time.
  13. Mind me asking what CPU cooler you were running during this test?
  14. Not trying to nitpick or anything, just curious why the 10920X on the intel side? If it were me at that price point for what you are talking use case I would consider 12900k or kf if you don't want/need the IGPU on the intel side. It would probably be my pick right now personally at the price ranges you are talking, and I am running a 5900X with a 3080 in my dedicated gaming rig right now and a 12600k in my server. 5900x will be the last of it's run on that socket/chipset, as would be the 10920 (11 series was just a waste of time IMO). At least with the 12900K you are on a new socket/chipset that should allow for some future processor upgrades should you feel the need to down the road without a new MB as well, I would just stick to DDR4 when selecting a MB, DDR5 is still super pricey and hard to get. Not to mention the performance gains to DDR5 currently seem pretty negligible when compared to the price difference. That's my 2c, take it for what its worth.
  15. Just a thought for a possible future addition to the Auto Fan Control plugin if it has not already been suggested and is even possible to implement. I really like the plugin and it works great but the option to do different thresholds for different drives would be a nice feature to have. My thought process on this is NVME drives in the system are obviously running much warmer than the HDD's, while excluding them does work, it would be nice to be able to just set a higher threshold for the chosen drives so they can also be monitored and have the fan speeds go up should they start to warm up under heavier loads without having the fans run excessively fast if they are kept under the same threshold as the HDD's.
  16. My first guess would be the cache, what do you have set as the cache size on your mount script? I believe this is set at 400GB in the original script which would obviously be a little high for your test rig with only a 250GB drive in place. RcloneCacheMaxSize="XXXX" # Maximum size of rclone cache
  17. Not sure if it is a bug on my end or what and please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject as I am quite new to this. I have a script that is running hourly, if the script is still running and the scheduler runs the script again I lose the "running" text and "abort script" button. Now I have not been able to watch this to confirm if it is happening on the first run attempt or say 2-3 times if the script is running for an extended period but it definitely eventually disappears and both the logs and a ps command show the script still running correctly. Not a huge deal in most instances but it would be nice to quickly see at a glance if it is still running or not and have the option to abort it quickly if I am working on something and need to do a reboot. I am running the latest version of user scripts (2021.11.28) on 6.10.0-rc2. edit: Just for reference, the script in my scenario is just a rclone move script.
  18. Have been trying to get Authelia setup but encountered this in my logs when trying to start, went back through my config a few times over but cant seem to find where I went wrong, any thoughts?
  19. Take a quick read through these 2 threads, but a quick coles notes on the subject is HDR tone mapping does not work yet with the 12th gen IGPU's, I recently tested this myself and was able to HW transcode on my setup (12600k) 4k HEVC/H.265 file correctly with HDR tone mapping disabled, but not enabled. There has also been some stability issues reported with the i915 module (not just for 12 series), I have only experienced this crash one time with my setup so far when trying to download via plex (transcoding down to a smaller file size for offline mobile use). But I honestly don't transcode much as nearly all of my content is direct streamed, so I have disabled my HW transcoding for now until this issue is resolved. But seeing as you are currently running ok with your setup, maybe this wont be an issue for you, but figured it was worth noting just in case.
  20. No problem, this is the IOMMU Groups with no ACS overrides, if you want to see with overrides I can get them later tonight, just cant restart right now.
  21. Sorry if this was the wrong section to post this in, just going by the header description it seemed relevant. Thanks for the link though, have not seen this one before, will definitely be implementing it to make thing easier.
  22. Just thought I would post up here about a feature I thought would be helpful in future updates if possible. Would be nice to have more than just one backup on file, I recently had an instance where an issue I had was not noticed before a new backup was created automatically and I was unable to roll back to a previous backup.
  23. Is there a way to get a previous flash backup to the latest automatically generated one? I recently had a lockup and upon restart I had lost my rclone config file for some reason, and at the same time a new backup was created before I noticed the problem, so the backup I have access to does not seem to contain my old rclone config file. I can obviously just set this up again as it seems to be my only issue, but figured I would check here first.
  24. Just tested, no go with HDR tone mapping enabled, I get the following error in plex, no crash, just wont play the file. Will HW transcode a 4k HEVC/H.265 file correctly with HDR tone mapping disabled though just for reference but I think we already knew this. [Transcoder] [AVHWDeviceContext @ 0x152cdfc030c0] No matching devices found.
  25. I have not yet as I was still on the process of moving most of my media over from another server but can do some testing today hopefully to see. Will report back once I try it.