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  1. This sounds awesome. Any chances of a showing a fully decked out demo? (The current "Live demo" I assume giving you the option to see how it works; what I want is to see pictures of setups)
  2. Good day all. I keep getting "docker utilization high" MSG. I Googled and found a few threads on the unraid website, but at least for me, they were hard to follow. I noticed someone just said to increase the docker size limit and that will go away. I can probably find a way to do it and that would be that, but I really want to understand why its so high so that I can try and maybe prevent it if its unnecessary stuff that can be delete. According to moderator on the unraid forums (cant remember their name), a size over 20GB (or something like that) should just not happen. If it does, something is wrong. I found this command ``docker ps -a`` (IMG1) and see that the sizes might be OK. Then I found this one ``du -h -d 1 /var/lib/docker/`` (IMG2) and noticed btrfs and docker were at 100GB, but from some other posts, it says that probably the size I give to my dockers image and I shouldn't worry about that. However, I see others output for the same command and they have different sizes for btrfs and dockers, so now I am just confused again. Since I cant seem to figure out what to do. Does anyone recommend just changing the docker size from 125.8GB (not sure if that's the size I have now but I think so) (IMG3) and calling it a day? I prefer and I know it would be beneficial to try and figure out why its so high as maybe it shouldn't be? I got help at the Data Hoarding discord, but was told to ask here as he was just not sure what the issues was. He helped me gather some more information though. I used ``docker system df`` and it shows not a lot of space being used (IMG4). We also looked at the logs to see if that was causing the large space usage, used this command ``du -ah /var/lib/docker/containers/ | grep -v "/$" | sort -rh | head -60``, but I don't think so as most logs were under 50MB (IMG5) . I also found that I can check the container size right in the docker tab and it seems to look fine. There was a high number in Writable from Sonarr, I assume that is not good, but its still not 100GB (IMG6), maybe someone can tell me how to lower that if I really have to? I also found that this directory, ``lib/docker/btrfs/subvolumes`` has a bunch of large folders, 340 folders to be exact. I do not know what this directory is used for nor do I know what is in it and if I need it or not. I was able to find some large folders/files (not sure what output this is but IMG7 shows it) with command ``du -ah /lib/docker/btrfs/subvolumes | sort -n -r | head -n 50``. I know this was a long MSG but I wanted to explain everything I have tried so far. Ill take any help and any suggestion. THANKS!
  3. I just upgraded to a x570 and noticed no temps show up. seeing your post I assume this is a known issue?
  4. Hello. Any way you can show how to get this on SWAG with a URL/domain? I know you said it would be a longer process but it would honestly help so many of us Thanks.
  5. This worked 100%!. I dont understand why since I already did 3 without issues. But thanks so so much!
  6. After reading online and searching your statement, it says some computers seem to have issues with it because of power supply. However, my PC/power supply has already read 3 of them. I will be doing the test however, see if that’s the issue. I’ll report back. if anyone else has any idea in open thanks all.
  7. Hi all. I don't know if this diagnostics will show this but I added it regardless. I purchased 6 14TV Easystore to replace my current HDD. I followed the steps I found online. Stop Array, remove to drive you want to replace from selection, shut down the system, replace drive, start the system, put the new drive in the spot of the drive you want to replace, start array and it will rebuild the drive. I did this for PARITY 1, PARITY 2, and DISK 1. Now that I am on DISK 2, it wont see the new drive I am replacing disk 2 with. I changed POWER cable, SATA cable, and even alternated each of the other 3 HDD I had left to add to the array. The system will not see them. It also does not show up on UD. When I put back the old drive, it sees it perfectly. All drives where connected to my main PC via a stat adapter and it reads fine. I ever formatted the drive again in NTFS just in case. Put them back, still nothing. How can 3 drives not work? I tried to put 1 of the drives not being read on PARITY 1 just to see if it would read it up there, and NOTHING. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks everyone for the info. Just want to outline a few things I will do and please let me know if anything seems wrong or if I need to add/change something. I am not really good with this so please do bare with me. 1. Shutdown 2. Check all connections (I don't know how to see if they are bad, I will unplug and plug them all in again) 3. Start the system up again 4. Since there is something wrong with the cache drive, I was thinking to format it and start with it again, I don't think there is anything important on there I care about. 5. Build the parity disks again. I am not sure how to do some of these things but I will just google whatever I cant figure out. I just hope I don't lose any of my data.
  9. Good morning all, Just woke up and found my server down :(.. I have not restarted it or anything because I was afraid that may make things worse. FYI, I was using an external HDD in "Unassigned Devices" via DOCKER Krusader to transfer 6.6TB to my array. It was going to take about 3-days to complete. I was on day 2, about 30-hours down and when I woke up, this is what I see. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Very awesome information. Thanks for this very much. I am removing everything right now and seeing how it behaves. I honestly think its just user error and I am over reacting/thinking this. Thanks for all the help.
  11. NONE at all. That is a future plan, but at the moment, just a handful of dockers, Plex, radarr, sonarr, grafana, influxdb, hydra2, something else I cant remember. I stopped them all though and the CPU kept going up and down. Yes, the fluctuation is nothing big, I just honestly wanted to know what happened as before I did whatever I did, it was at 1% all the time as I don't really do anything with the server at all.
  12. I understand now.... No, it is not causing an actual issue running the server. Should I DELETE this thread as I am not having an actual issue? I apologize for the misunderstanding.
  13. I think that the problem is the CPU fluctuating UP and DOWN and I don't understand why. The second part is just in case the first part is unsolvable I guess.
  14. Hello all. I know mostly nothing about this but have been trying to learn for a few weeks now. Recently, I did something, not sure what, and noticed that my CPU just bursts UP and DOWN constantly at random times. I been on several discords that helped me check out things like docker stats, top, htop, but I just don't know what I am looking at. I messed with a few things here and there but nothing crazy. Lastly I decided to stop all dockers and see if maybe, but that did not help, CPU usage just kept fluctuating from 1% to 7% then back down then back up to 12% and so on. I really want to know what is going on but I also decided that since I am so new at this, maybe I should start from scratch, this will help me learn more as I will be doing things again :). I have to be on BETA because my MOBO NIC is not supported on stable versions. I made a new USB install, put it on the server, loaded. I was told that as long as I put the drives in the same location, I shouldn't have any issues in losing my data. While doing this, I noticed the cache drive is not an option as it should be (from what I remember that is, there should be a cache drive option, but in beta, fresh install, there does not seem to be). This is when I thought if going another directly, What if I start a NEW USB FRESH INSTALL, but also use some files from my BACKUP USB that can keep some structure, maybe that will be easier for me. I dont know what files to move from backup to new. Hopefully someone can help me here. My goal here is: 1. Maybe someone can look at my diagnostics and tell me what is going on with my CPU, maybe what I need to do so it may fix my issue. 2. I would really like a new install, I think it would be a good solution for me to do things again but I want to keep some info from backup USB, specially the cache drive that wont show up on new install (shows up fine when I use my backup USB). Can someone tell me what files I need to keep from the BACKUP USB to the NEW USB in order to have DISKS, USERS, and SHARES? Thanks so much.