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  1. Thanks JorgeB. I assume the server needs to communicate after the initial purchase to validate the key at least initially, which it has not been able to do. Or am I incorrect in this assumption? Regardless, I still have no connection.
  2. Had the trial version running for some time and came in today to find the array down. I assume a power cycle recently due to storms. Anyways, I assumed it was due to the license so I went ahead and purchased a license/key. When I went to validate it, I noticed the error. I'm able to ping from the terminal so I'm not sure what the issue is. If someone could help, that would be greatly appreciated. Diagnostics attached. Thanks
  3. Ok, so I have both wg0 and wg1 tunnels set up (wg0 for remote tunneled access, and wg1 for unraid traffic) I can have one or the other active, but not both simultaneously. My server is remote located, and I would like to maintain vpn access for all of the docker container / unraid traffic and retain remote tunneled access because I'm an absolute noob and need a gui. Is it possible to accomplish this somewhat simply? Client access is either a windows machine or android device. For what it's worth, I'm currently running wireguard/mullvad. Thank you
  4. Was attempting to set up Mullvad as well, and ran into the same issue. When i would leave the VPN settings page, and returning, the Active slider would become Inactive every time. After manually removing the ,::0/0 it's up and running.