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  1. Okay, I'll try that. I rebooted and everything appears to have returned to normal. But when I tried to reboot the system would not shut down. It couldn't unmount /mnt/user, so I had to push the reset. It is currently running parity so I think I'll let that finish.
  2. I think I have cache drive issues. I was trouble shooting a docker container that I could not get to run. After trying many things I went to tools and ran docker safe perms. After that nothing worked right in docker. I stopped the docker service and have not been able to get it to start again. edit** Extended test has been running for 4 hours-
  3. I figured this out on my own, I went to unraid settings, stopped docker, and then checked the box for custom data network br0
  4. It seems like I have all my issues sorted out. Changing these network settings you suggested fixed the network issues. Deleting and reinstalling the nextcloud container fixed my issues there - still not sure what was wrong with it And my usb flash was failing for the 3rd time. Not sure why these do not last, first one was a cheap micro center one, the last 2 were Samsung's But now I can not choose br0 as a network in my docker container configs and therefore can't select a custom ip address for pihole.
  5. I am going to link to the thread I created yesterday because I think most of the information about this problem is available there. Network Problems I really feel like this is still an issue with Unraid's networking. I have always had trouble with unraid's networking and I am not sure why.
  6. Firefox can access nextcloud @HTTPS:// but nothing can access it from HTTPS:// Why is this? I wish I understood better. I'm still trying to learn.
  7. I do not know Linux that well, but I can tell you changing the network settings in unraid is almost guaranteed to cause the system not to boot. Also seems to sometimes cause other various issues, like the webui going from dark to light without me changing the setting. In any case, I'm using eth0 now with bonding disabled. Should I start a thread in docker containers about why I still can't access nextcloud docker? It sure feels like a network issue.
  8. So step by step here is what I did. Stop docker Remove bond wait 20 minutes - server never came back on network plug keyboard and monitor into server - won't wake up hit reset button - choose unraid gui from boot menu local host unable to access - wait 15 minutes - started working switch eth 2 and eth 0 in unraid gui reboot into gui wait 10 minutes for it to work again - check network access on unraid ip - working reboot to no gui - unraid never got an ip address - had a something address type reboot got usb error reboot again - everything works - still no access to nextcloud webgui
  9. Also EVERYTIME I change any network setting this happens! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Bonding is off and I now have no access to my server even in the unraid gui itself. Local host unable to connect. If I even look at the network setting in unraid it falls apart. Always been this way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. So I have been struggling with some very strange issues. Things like docker containers becoming inaccessible through the webui. I recently spent 2 1/2 days trying to get wordpress docker to work. At 1 point my internal usb adaptor seemed to fail. I had some strange issues like unraid seemed to lose some of it's settings. For example I refreshed the unraid gui and I was no longer in dark mode. Many many other things acted strange. When I attempted to reboot the server could not find the usb flash. So I moved the flash to a port on the back of the motherboard and most things have seemed fine since. But tonight I decided to try and troubleshoot my nextcloud docker container. With the help of smdion in the discord we figured out that Unraid has some very strange network things going on. So I'll attach a diagnostic. If I can answer any more questions please lmk. The wordpress docker is hosting the website for my small business which I prefer to keep active as much as possible.
  12. I'm wondering what all this means? It pops up in logging every 30 seconds.
  13. I'm having this untrusted certificate issue with nextcloud. Just started today for me as well.
  14. It's so random. Going to be hard to find. It's been running since Thursday at 7 with no issues. It might run 4 days and not do it.
  15. I could see that setting causing a lockup as the post suggests. But I've been stable for months. Now suddenly the system shuts down. This is not a freeze or lockup, this is the system goes completely dark with no warning. Temps are all good. The only thing I have changed lately was moving governor off performance mode so the a/c in that room doesn't work quite as hard.
  16. I'm thinking motherboard at this point.
  17. This has happened twice in the past week. The network interface shows down on the unraid dashboard. (accessed through kvm vm on server) and the server is not accessible on the network. Lights on the back of the nic still showing activity. I rebooted the server and the network was restored.
  18. Thanks for the replies, Bought a new psu yesterday. 1300W EVGA. So far no shut downs. Gave it a little stress test last night. Found that with 100% gpu load and around 30% cpu load my system will pull over 800 watts. Perhaps the previous 1000 watt psu was not quite enough. I'll mark this as solved. Just did it again 😡
  19. I think you're right. Just curious what made you say that so quickly? 1000W EVGA not even a year old - doesn't mean it is good though I know.
  20. Just recently started after being stable for a long long time. Happened while I was sitting at the desk once, everything in the tower just goes dark. Corsair led ram stays lit, which is odd. Won’t power back on unless I toggle the psu switch first.
  21. Never mind, I missed the note right on the Unraid website saying it was closed.
  22. I'm in there, the reason for asking was twofold. One I wanted to join the IRC and see if there was much activity there. And two, I wanted to find out what in the world I'm doing wrong so that I can also join other IRC channels.
  23. I had an 8 port lsi card and upgraded to LSI SAS2116 card to add more drives. I'm a big fan of the LSI cards, they are recommended by the community on a regular basis and I have had no issue with mine. In fact the one I just retired will be going into a second server that I am building for work. As far as the network card I would make sure your settings are optimized and check your current speed. I think you likely won't gain much speed, unless you do something like link aggregation on the lan side with the extra port. I think the extra ports come in handy for vlans too but not required.