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Server Shutting Off

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Thanks for the replies,


 Bought a new psu yesterday. 1300W EVGA. So far no shut downs.


Gave it a little stress test last night. Found that with 100% gpu load and around 30% cpu load my system will pull over 800 watts. Perhaps the previous 1000 watt psu was not quite enough.


I'll mark this as solved.


Just did it again 😡

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I could see that setting causing a lockup as the post suggests. But I've been stable for months. Now suddenly the system shuts down. This is not a freeze or lockup, this is the system goes completely dark with no warning. Temps are all good. The only thing I have changed lately was moving governor off performance mode so the a/c in that room doesn't work quite as hard.

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Before replacing more components, I'd start trying to narrow it down further - do you have any stats tracking set up that you could share (grafana etc)? Are you tracking your power usage at all so you might see potential for over current protection to trip?


As far as narrowing it down, pull out everything but the ram and run memtest for a bit, if that all clears, pull down to the minimum ram (single channel / one dimm) and stress test the GPU, and so on.

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