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  1. I'm having some troubles with the influxdb container. Not sure if it's docker related or if it's in the actual software. I can create a new influxdb container just fine, everything starts up and I can for example create a new database using the command line `influx` followed with `create database whatever`. After doing this however, no external requests come through. (I get read timeouts and the log shows 500 errors) and upon restarting the container the influxdb service is stuck at the following ts=2019-01-03T10:41:37.540767Z lvl=info msg="Open store (start)" log_id=0Clpi4cl000 service=store trace_id=0Clpi510000 op_name=tsdb_open op_event=start I had this working a couple of weeks ago, this happened the last few days. I tried a couple of different tags down to version 1.6 but still the same. Solved: It turns out this docker container does not work when the Unraid Global Share Setting Tunable (enable Direct IO) is set to True, I set it back to Auto and everything works as expected.
  2. Hi, I just upgraded to 6.4 and when I SSH to the machine and hit backspace the caret is moved forwards instead of backwards. I use the exact same client to other linux machines and it works as expected there. Tried setting different TERMs but it doesn't seem to help. Any ideas?
  3. Would it be possible to add the awk program to this image? I'm pretty sure it's been in there before but recently I've been adding it myself after noticing it is missing. It is quite useful in the pre/post scripts. pacman -S awk
  4. Awesome plugin. Instead of routing all traffic, Is there any way to select which of the Unraid Docker containers should use the OpenVPN interface?
  5. Hi, anyone got the Cups image working withGoogle Cloud Print? For me authentication fails, I have two-factor auth enabled on my account. (I tried with several app-specific passwords)
  6. Hi, I've been running Unraid 5.0-rc3 since its release without any problems, I noticed today a 5.0 final version is available. 1) Are there any major bug/performance fixes between rc-3 and final? 2) What are the upgrade instructions from rc-3 to final? The change notes just says "backup your Flash, reformat, re-install, restore 'config' directory, and then reboot". Reformat what? Thanks, Edit: I read through the entire changes document and I now understand the phrase above refers to the 4.7 installation instructions. I'm going to follow that to upgrade.
  7. I had a quick go at this, but no success. The events don't seem to be triggering. I just had a look in the /usr/local/emhttp/plugins and I see some other applications placed event scripts there as well, however they seem to use unmounting_disks and not stopping_services, I will try with that name instead. Edit: This event is not triggered on my installation of Unraid 5-rc3: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/<myappname>/event/stopping_services Instead I use the following, which is working great: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/<myappname>/event/unmounting_disks
  8. What version of unRAID are you using? If the 5.0-rc series, then unRAID DOES have event hooks to start processes AFTER the array is online, and to kill them BEFORE the array is stopped. See here on how you might use them: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=26201.msg228957;topicseen#msg228957 In the 4.6/4.7 series you can use a unraid_addon_control.sh script similar to the one I described (and attached) in this post: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=5686.msg53271#msg53271 I've been using unraid_addon_control.sh for a number of years now and it works perfectly. (It would work on the 5.X series too, but the built in events are easier for plugin users to utilize.) I use it to start a number of add-ons after the array is started, and to properly stop them prior to the array when the array is being stopped. Here is an example of somebody using the unraid_addon_control.sh script: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=10978.msg199652#msg199652 Joe L. I am indeed using 5.0 rc3 so I will look into the event hooks. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!
  9. I have some custom applications that are installed/started in my go script. Everything starts up like I want it. The problem is if I want to restart Unraid, I go to the web interface and click Stop to take the array off-line. Now unraid seems to wait forever for certain processes before it can take the array offline. I need to manually kill these processes. 1) The processes don't seem to be using the filesystem, so I'm not sure why unraid needs to wait for them - is there any way to see if/what the processes are using to cause this behavior? 2)Is there any way I can have these processes killed when clicking the stop array button in the web UI? Either by installing/running them in some specific manner or if there is some way to attach a script to this stop event? Thanks,
  10. Hi, I'm trying to get my blink(1) device working with my Unraid server. I'm curious if anyone on the forum is using this device and got it working with Unraid? (5.0-rc3) There is a command-line tool for Linux available on the blink(1) product page, but it does not work out of the box. I tried downloading the source and building it myself but I get a lot of errors. Reading the Makefile it seems to have the following dependancies: gcc-avr avr-libc libusb-1.0.0-dev (should be included) I googled the AVR stuff to try and find some packages to install but it seems ot require even more dependencies, etc, etc. A pre-compiled version of the blink(1) command-line tool, working with Unraid, would be great! /project6
  11. Can anyone put together a script that downloads and installs FlexGet on startup, or better yet, put together a Unraid 5 FlexGet addon? It's a great little tool and the old file I used to install it is no longer available.
  12. Hi, installed unraid a few days ago. Got plex running easy, also got flexget working with transmission. I have some problems connecting to trackers though. I checked my configuration and I am reachable (port is open). It seems to work if I use http trackers but not https. Is https not supported? Or do I need to make some configuration change in order to communicate with a https tracker, like add/trust the certificate or something? Thanks Edit: Went back to HTTP trackers for now. Could be a tracker problem, not sure.