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  1. I encountered a bug with the gmod server. Starting the server even with the OOTB game settings, it segfaults. I could only tell that it was a segfault after using the console to manually start the server. Fortunately I saw this bug on another unraid container specifically for gmod. Here is my post asking for help about it on its support page. The fix was to change the appdata dir location from "../user/appdata/.." to "../cache/appdata/..", with the appdata share cache set to preferred. Not entirely sure if it's required because its preferred, or its a requirement, but whatever it is, someone else might come across this. With that done for AMP, it works great.
  2. I was able to resolve the issue thanks to the help provided. To anyone else coming here like I did, before you try the suggestion of using the '../cache/..' directory, remove the 'garrysmod' directory from your appdata so that the container does a fresh install of the game files. No idea why it worked, but it does and that's what's important.
  3. I'm having issues with the Garry's Mod server. Completely fresh container with no addons. It's the exact same issue another user reported before. Of which you responded with the following advice: I was on 6.8.2, and updated assuming that would help, but unfortunately it didn't. Even though your advice wasn't to use the cache directory if you were on 6.8.3, I tried it anyway and had no luck. You probably didn't expect it to, but in any case this is what I got: I do use a cache drive though, so do you reckon there is still something to it? I've been nearly pulling my hair out trying to work out why it won't work. My container settings Note: I have tried it with and without the validation setting, and with various other game parameters, including the default value that came with the container.