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  1. Anyone using gmail with ombi? We might have a problem after May 30 . . We will need to use an e-mail client or app that supports OAuth 2.0 (https://oauth.net/2/) as using the username/password combination will no longer be sufficient. https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255
  2. Cant get reverse proxy to work for organizr. I am sorry having to ask for help on this, but I am at a loss. Prereq: 1) CNAME subdomain: "organizr.domain.xxx" has been created at cloudlare 2) Using SWAG - organizr.subdomain.conf has been configured (see attached) 3) SWAG restarted 4) Organizr is on docker's proxynet 5) Container name is "organizr" What am I missing? Container is up and running locally. ..
  3. Swapped out my Solarflare 10Gb NIC with a Chelsio T520 - no problems. It was a bad case of Trace Calls . .
  4. So - finally I have some pictures of what's going on during boot. One picture is immediately after booting with 6.9.2. No GUI . . Next picture is 5 seconds later. root@MASTER:~# docker network ls NETWORK ID NAME DRIVER SCOPE 16dae0b9cb06 br0 macvlan local 3865e5074cdb bridge bridge local b4a5e3d425e4 host host local e78cd5f82a47 none null local b8031a6cf9ca proxynet bridge local
  5. Swapped out with a new flashdrive. Same problem. Ordered new MB . .
  6. Thanks, I will try that . . Missing Community Apps
  7. No boot menu . I have a suspicion that my MB is at fault.master-diagnostics-20220306-1333.zip
  8. Well, on 6.8.3, I have zero issues - except missing Squid's excellent community apps. It just doesn't boot after upgrading . . Nothing happens - nothing rolls over the screen. Just tried replacing the bz-files, same problem. Restoring to 6.8.3 makes everything work again . . .
  9. Quick question. I am still on 6.8.3. Long story, but upgrading doesn't work. Would a clean install of 6.9.2 on my current USB stick + following this guide leave everything as is? Cheers
  10. Tried attaching a monitor, but no signal. Using the NVIDIA QuADro P2000. I tried all 4 outputs. Same result with the MB HDMI output. On 6.8.3. all is working just fine. Just no Video signal.
  11. Just made another attempt. All dockers and plugins updated. Same result. System unresponsive. Unable to SSH in. Just doesn't boot. Any suggestions?
  12. Attempted an update from 6.8.3 but I had the Webgui issue. No containers or VM's started. Reverted to 6.8.3. All good. Will be a while before I make another attempt . .
  13. I have run in to a problem, where Sonarr cannot contact Nzbget. I get the following message: NzbDrone.Core.Download.Clients.DownloadClientException: Unable to connect to NzbGet. HTTP request failed: [503:ServiceUnavailable] [POST] at [] Docker allocations are all correct as well. I should mention, that nzbget is working and actually is contactable on the IP and portnumber from a browser.