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  1. Everything seems to have worked as it should last night! Thank you!
  2. Ah. I have that set to remove the torrent and the files after the ratio reaches 1.0. That way I don't have to constantly go through and delete files from qbitorrent and the download folder on my server. I'll change that to pause and see if that fixes it.
  3. Double checked everything. I do not believe it to be a path issue. They look the same to me. And I haven't changed anything in months and it's always worked fine.
  4. Having a strange issue for the last couple of weeks. Sonarr will identify a tv episode and correctly send the download request to qbittorent. But then when the show is done downloading it just goes away. It's like Sonarr is not correctly seeing the completed download and importing it into Plex like it should. And it's very random. Most shows work fine but there's always a couple random ones that don't work. Binhex I'm running your version of Sonarr also. Is this a Sonarr issue or qbittorent issue?
  5. Boot issue I believe is solved. It seems like it was being caused by fast boot options being enabled in bios. Disabled those and it seems to be working now.
  6. I don't believe it to be a hardware issue. It was doing the same thing before I switched motherboard, cpu, and ram. I think it has to be something in the unraid setup itself. I don't have UEFI boot enabled in Unraid. Could that be it?
  7. It is definitely not in the bios. Shoot. Killed a drive some how. Thank god for parity. I've never replaced a drive in Unraid before but I'm assuming that it's not too hard and that a quick google search will get me lots of guides. So any ideas why my system won't boot properly? If I just turn it on and let it do it's thing it will post, and then gives me a black screen and nothing happens. If I go to bios and then immediately exit bios it boot right up just like it's supposed to. It's very annoying. I've doubled checked that it's set to boot from the flash drive. I even removed all the other options just to be safe and still have that problem.
  8. Here is the diagnostic zip file. Any help is greatly appreciated! I have a new hard drive on order as I'm pretty sure that's what the problem is. But if we can restore this one it would be awesome. hahler-diagnostics-20210319-1900.zip
  9. Sounds good. I’m at work but when I get home I will do that.
  10. Ok so I was having trouble with my system booting. It absolutely would not post. So I swapped out my motherboard, cpu, and ram. After changing the hardware when I boot unraid up it will not start the array and says that one of my hard drives is missing. I've tried swapping cables around and everything to make sure it's not a cable issue. Nothing I do brings the missing drive back. In the process of changing hardware, I also discovered that my flash drive was bad so I copied my license over to a new flash drive. Thankfully I had a backup. Is there something wrong with my setup or did one of my drives get wrecked when the motherboard went down? Any help would be greatly appreciated because I have no idea what to do from here! Is there something I can do to check the drive and make sure the drive itself went bad? Also one other problem, the system still won't boot on it's own. It will post, and then I get a black screen. If I quick go to bios on boot and then exit bios right away then it boots just fine. This is on Unraid 6.9.0 *edit* A little more info. I have a parity drive of 12 tb. I have an array of 2 drives. One is 600 GB and the other is 12 tb. It was the 12 tb one from the array that failed. So the parity drive appears to still be good and working.
  11. Aren't I only allowed to copy my license once a year? I would hate to waste it without knowing for sure that that is the problem.
  12. So yesterday I did the update to 6.9. Server restarts and after several minute I still can't access it. Ok weird. So I connect a monitor and keyboard to it and have just a black screen. Try rebooting several times and it acts like it won't even post. I pull my Unraid flash drive and then it will post just fine. But of course, won't boot as the boot device isn't available. Plug the flash drive back in and won't post again. After multiple attempts to get it to post and boot it finally goes and has been fine since then. But I also haven't rebooted since then. Just wondering if this means that my flash drive is failing or if this is a possible bios issue on my motherboard? That or I guess it could potentially be an issue with 6.9. Just looking for some assistance in narrowing this down so I can get it fixed. Thanks.
  13. So I'm trying to get Shinobi installed and running. I setup a drive in the unassigned devices and I installed Shinobi pro. However, when I click on the docker container and tell it to start it just pops up a message that says "execution error. Server error" And then all I can do is click ok. When I click on log nothing comes up. I have no idea what I did wrong or why it's not working but any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Thank you! I see there was an update to qbittorrent last night. I'm going to try that and if that doesn't work I'll roll back to 4.2.5.