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  1. No I never got the answer to that. And honestly, due to lack of time, I've never tried to do it. Maybe some day I'll experiment with it.
  2. Been running Unraid for awhile now using a 10600k and using the iGPU for plex transcodes. However, I would like to add a Nvidia card for doing tdarr transcodes and let it handle the Plex transcodes and then pass the iGPU on to a VM for quicksync stuff. Is this possible to do and fairly easy to accomplish? Just want to make sure everything will work the way I want it to before I pull the trigger on the GPU.
  3. Question on hardware transcodes. I'm running a 10600k in my server. Running 6.9.2. I have been using the iGPU for doing hardware transcodes for quite awhile now with no issues. Today I noticed that while Plex was running and doing a transcode, it says that it's doing a HW transcode, and I can see the activity on my iGPU on my dashboard, but the CPU is also showing 60 percent usage. Before, it would barely have any cpu usage at all. Just wondering what has changed and how to fix this?
  4. I recently acquired an old Nvidia GT 730. I did a GPU upgrade for a neighbor and he gave me the old GPU. Just wondering if I can install this in my Unraid server and use it for transcodes with Plex and Tdarr? Or is it too old a GPU to be any use for that?
  5. Ah yup. I'm definitely an idiot. I figured it out! Thanks for the help
  6. Ok. I've been there. However, in the documentation it says the first step to switch to wireguard is "Change Docker parameter from --cap-add=NET_ADMIN to --privileged=true (WireGuard requires privileged permissions)" I don't see that option anywhere on that screen.
  7. I'm running PIA for my VPN and have been using openvpn. I would like to switch to using wireguard instead of openvpn. I see in the documentation that you have to edit some parameters of the docker container, but I can't find where I'm supposed to do that at. How do I go about doing this? I feel like I'm missing something really obvious but just can't seem to figure it out. Thanks.
  8. Hey guys. So I started playing around with virtual machines on my Unraid server. I got a Windows VM setup to test Windows 11 and am able to successfully connect to it on a different machine on the same network using Windows Remote Desktop. I then installed a Manjaro VM, updated it, and then installed xrdp. However, I can't access the VM using remote desktop. When I type in the ip address it gives me an error every time. I'm assuming that since it works on a Windows VM, that it must be something I have setup incorrectly in the Manjaro VM. Just wondering if anyone can help me get this working. Thanks.
  9. Everything seems to have worked as it should last night! Thank you!
  10. Ah. I have that set to remove the torrent and the files after the ratio reaches 1.0. That way I don't have to constantly go through and delete files from qbitorrent and the download folder on my server. I'll change that to pause and see if that fixes it.
  11. Double checked everything. I do not believe it to be a path issue. They look the same to me. And I haven't changed anything in months and it's always worked fine.
  12. Having a strange issue for the last couple of weeks. Sonarr will identify a tv episode and correctly send the download request to qbittorent. But then when the show is done downloading it just goes away. It's like Sonarr is not correctly seeing the completed download and importing it into Plex like it should. And it's very random. Most shows work fine but there's always a couple random ones that don't work. Binhex I'm running your version of Sonarr also. Is this a Sonarr issue or qbittorent issue?
  13. Boot issue I believe is solved. It seems like it was being caused by fast boot options being enabled in bios. Disabled those and it seems to be working now.
  14. I don't believe it to be a hardware issue. It was doing the same thing before I switched motherboard, cpu, and ram. I think it has to be something in the unraid setup itself. I don't have UEFI boot enabled in Unraid. Could that be it?