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  1. Checking in here that I have the exact same problem on Unraid 6.9.2. I have an AdGuard docker on br0 and have the random crashes with the same error messages in the logs. Running Unraid on a HPE MicroServer Gen10.
  2. Very nice! Works like a charm on 6.9.0-rc2. Thanks for your efforts!
  3. I'm also here seeing the exact same thing on 6.9.0 beta 35. I only have 2 VM's that both have VNC graphics. No matter what (none running, only one running or both running) the VM Dashboard section is empty and when I open up the view with the down arrow the whole middle column distorts (and Dockers only show in 2 columns). Closing the VM view clicking ^ makes display normal (and Dockers showing in 3 columns).
  4. I'm using DirSyncPro docker on unraid to sync directories to a WebDav location. However, after quiting the app (File > Quit) or just restarting the Docker DirSyncPro does not start up. Following is recorded in the Docker log: When I delete the .pid file from /var/run/mount.davfs/ in the container and restart it, it starts fine. But I have to do this manually every time I restart the Docker. Is there a way to disconnect the WebDav (and delete the .pid file) when the docker shuts down? Config for reference attached.