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  1. How do I connect Postgres or MariaDB to Mayan? Can it be done easily after the Mayan Docker is created? Thanks
  2. RESOLVED - Reboot and successfully installed BUT It killed my system. Lost drives.
  3. Can't Upgrade - 502 Bad Gateway Error It is a port issue or ??
  4. Never have run this test. Where is it located? Thanks
  5. I have to restart each morning. I am thinking they stop after the backup. Any ideas? ( And yes, I know I have a drive that isn't working, but it is a side issue. Any help on that would be appreciated as well 🙂 )
  6. Thanks. I reformatted and reinstalled from backup. Back working now. Thanks
  7. Trying to fix cache. It asks to enter y. How?
  8. Running NGX. Ran in to a know bug. See quote below. Same Problem here with unraid Upgraded to 1.7.0 => error when try to connect with URL and nginx proxy manager 1.7.0 local access with IP => no problems Downgrade to 1.6.0 => no problems Question - How do I downgrade to 1.6.0 as well. So my system is accessible through the net and NPM. Thanks RESOLVED
  9. Trying to repair cache. see picture attached. Yes I am sure How do I say YES?? What to I need to input in order for it to run?
  10. Copying files directly into Nextcloud Using Sopaceinvader's video. I want to move files from a previous install of Nextcloud. I use the following command, the new install still does not recognise the files or add them even though the command seems to run. sudo -u abc php /config/www/nextcloud/console.php files:scan --all Any ideas or tricks? Thanks in advance. There are gigs of files to move over.
  11. RESOLVED - Started from scratch. All working now
  12. Is there an easy way to tell if the tunnel is working? A command perhaps? When I try to look at the clouldflared log - it is blank for a second and then crashes. No idea why. It is the only docker log that does that. But as a result, I can't see what is going on.
  13. Anybody have a chance to look at the diagnostics?
  14. Docker folder and contents were not removed. Trying again. If it still doesn’t work I will post the diagnostics. UPDATE - Settings - Delete Docker Folder - didn't work. Running RC 4. Dockers started throwing "only read" errors. SO as a last resort tried to delete dockers without success. (As an aside - I can't delete any files using the new file management system all of a sudden as well.)