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  1. I think I finaly fixed it, I think my restart policy was wrong... I had put it in variable section instead of extra parameters. I'll have to wait until next update to see.
  2. Bad idea. What will happen when your unassigned disk die? You'll lose your storj and all the time you put in it.... Just assign your share to one drive only and no problem writing to the parity this is your protection. you could use cache for your new file but some file may stay in use the cache. You would have do sometime turn off the docker and start mover
  3. Hi, my setup is working since more than 1 year.. but recently since a few weeks/months my docker always go down by itself because of an auto update feature that wasnt there before... Before I would update my docker manually in Unraid... now the docker update itself automatically and everything does offline I almost got disqualified because of this... I tryed adding addiing a variable --restart with "unless-stopped" value but same problem... is there a way to disable this autoupdate and return to previous behaviour ? Thank you
  4. Hi, thank you for this docker. Since Storj say the node needs to do his update automaticaly and have the latest version. Does this docker always download the latest version directly from storj? or you need to update it on your side? I want to be sure that if you not there in 6-9 months my node will not stop working or stop being updated. Thank you
  5. Hi, I just found a bug with my nic and latest versions of Unraid. I notice my nic was down to 100 mb/s since updating from 6.6.7 to 6.8.3 I change the cable for a new cat6 and a new port on the switch, same thing. I rollback to 6.6.7 and got back to 1000 mb/s I updated to 6.9 beta1 and got back to 100 Mb/s I rollback again to 6.6.7 and got back to 1000 Mb/s My nic onboard my gigabyte 890gpa-ud3h In my 6.6.7 it is shown in hardware profile as <setting id="firmware" value="rtl_nic/rtl8168d-2.fw" /> Thank you Edit: 1h56pm: (back on 6.8.3) I installed a second cheap realtek nic and it load the same driver as my onboard nic but the différence is in capability... on my onboard it stop at 100 mbits: eth1 is my onboard my eth0 load also r8169 driver but capibility goes up to 1000 <logicalname>eth1</logicalname> <version>03</version> <serial>[REMOVED]</serial> <size units="bit/s">100000000</size> <capacity>100000000</capacity> <width units="bits">64</width> <clock units="Hz">33000000</clock> <configuration> <setting id="autonegotiation" value="on" /> <setting id="broadcast" value="yes" /> <setting id="driver" value="r8169" /> <setting id="duplex" value="full" /> <setting id="firmware" value="rtl_nic/rtl8168d-2.fw" /> <setting id="latency" value="0" /> <setting id="link" value="yes" /> <setting id="multicast" value="yes" /> <setting id="port" value="MII" /> <setting id="slave" value="yes" /> <setting id="speed" value="100Mbit/s" /> </configuration> <capabilities> <capability id="pm" >Power Management</capability> <capability id="msi" >Message Signalled Interrupts</capability> <capability id="pciexpress" >PCI Express</capability> <capability id="msix" >MSI-X</capability> <capability id="vpd" >Vital Product Data</capability> <capability id="bus_master" >bus mastering</capability> <capability id="cap_list" >PCI capabilities listing</capability> <capability id="rom" >extension ROM</capability> <capability id="ethernet" /> <capability id="physical" >Physical interface</capability> <capability id="tp" >twisted pair</capability> <capability id="aui" >AUI</capability> <capability id="bnc" >BNC</capability> <capability id="mii" >Media Independant Interface</capability> <capability id="fibre" >optical fibre</capability> <capability id="100bt-fd" >100Mbit/s (full duplex)</capability> </capabilities>
  6. Problem is fixed. Even if that server was running Perfect with UNRAID5, ESXi, Win7 etc. Even if memtest x64 didn't find any error. Seem like changing the ram fixed my problem, that ram didn't like Unraid6 I guess... a bit weird but glad it's working fine on Unraid6 now. Did a complete parity check on Unraid6 without any sync errors Thank all for the help
  7. I was working making ESXi working and I saw that my hdd controller was set to IDE so I changed them to AHCI. I also added 8 gigs of RAM and downgraded the speed of it. Now UNRAID6 still doing sync error but significantly less... So I let the parity check running a bit to have a better idea and tomorrow I'll remove my old RAM and keep only the new one even if memtest didn't find error and unraid5 is running perfect. Just to double triple check and clear that possibility. If it's still doing sync error then it would have maybe something to do with hdd controllers driver from unraid6 for my controllers.
  8. I'm using a GA-890GPA-UD3H motherboard that has 6 SATA 6DB port Marvell (south bridge) 2 SATA 3GB port Gigabyte chipset 1 PATA port So there is 8 SATA port onboard. I'm using onboard controllers, NO extra PCI/PCI-E card. I'm using no converter but using my cache drive on the PATA port only for apps. Thanks Edited: More info on board North Bridge: AMD 890GX without IOMMU
  9. I guess I'll have to run UNRAID5 until UNRAID6 is final final. I'll try again when there is another version out. For now, I think I'll try to go ESXi with UNRAID5 to be able to run everything on the same machine. Let me know if you have any clue what is wrong with my UNRAID6 Thank you
  10. In that case where UNRAID 6 has corrected parity (corrupt it) when I'll boot UNRAID5 it will fix it. In UNRAID6 errors will always reappears, UNRAID6 will always find sync errors. - If I dont let UNRAID6 correct the parity the "false sync errors" (because parity is 100% correct, tested in UNRAID5) then if I boot UNRAID5 everything is fine. - If I let UNRAID6 correct the parity then it will corrupt the parity then if I boot UNRAID5, UNRAID5 will detect the corruption made by UNRAID6 and then will correct it once and then all others parity check will be fine, no errors. - If I let UNRAID6 correct the parity completly and then restart a parity check UNRAID6 will always find sync errors. - It seems to be random. - Look like reading errors when reading on disk
  11. Confirmed no memory problem. Memtest X64 run for more than 12h did 17 pass with no errors.
  12. I could but I have and had no problem at all with my server on UNRAID or others OS. I only have it with UNRAID6... If I had problem with my ram... but but I just have to my mind... that I have 4 gb of RAM so Unraid5 32bits only allocate 3gb maximum if i'm right and Unraid6 64 bits will use up to my 4gb. I have nothing to lose doing a memtest. I'll go start it right away.
  13. Yes, I'll take a new copy of super.dat while the array is off. I hope I'll a way to fix the Parity Sync Error because I really like Unraid 6 but I'm stock with Unraid5 I don't have any clue because it is not hardware, Unraid5 is working fine. The log doesn't tell precise details. I don't know where to look. I think something is happening when it read data on disk, it get corrupt or doesnt read properly... or something is happening in the memory while processing. I dont know. I'll try to run plex and watch more program to see if everything is fine... today my girlfriend was watching something and was getting intermittent mpeg mosaic or artifact or pink bar on a episode of a show.. it's maybe the file that was like that but maybe it was reading error... so I'll check to see if it seems to happen with everything.
  14. When you change versions, are you perhaps copying a backup of config/super.dat that you took over the network while the array was running? That would cause an unclean shutdown because when it boots up super.dat says it was already running instead of stopped. Ah you got it.. When I did my Unraid5 backup folder I took it from the network while Unraid5 was running. I then kept those file when I created my Unraid6 USB. That would explain the unclean shutdown but not the sync errors
  15. Here more information: After going back to Unraid5 where everything is working fine. I format my USB again and put back Unraid6 to take the logs. So when I boot from Unraid6 first time after changing from Unraid5 it says unclean shutdown detected and start a parity check (with auto correct) automatically and I dont have the option to not correct so I cancelled the parity check right away and then started a new one without parity correct. That explain the logs. Since Unraid6 did 2 correction, when I'll go back to unraid5, Unraid5 will have to correct this error from Unraid6 and then everything will be fine on Unraid5 But on Unraid6 if I let it go it will correct 15--1600 sync errors and if I start it again it will still find others errors... false errors because the parity is OK. When I first move to Unraid6 I did a parity check just before and it was perfect.
  16. unRAID OS Version: 6.0.1 Description: I upgraded my Unraid5 final not beta to Unraid6, everything is working fine except when I do parity check it find sync errors. About 1500-1600 for the whole array. I did smart test of all my drive, I did test copying file in the array and check md5 and no error. So I decided to let Unraid6 correct parity (thinking maybe something happens) then I redid a parity check and still sync errors... I format my usb again and put back my backup Unraid5 and let correct the parity that Unraid6 f**kup. Then redid a parity check with Unraid5 no error. No plugins installed just plain Unraid6.. did play with Dockers but problem was there as soon as Unraid 6 booted. Maybe a driver problem? How to reproduce: Here the question... maybe by getting same hardware and put unraid6, I dont know. Expected results: No parity sync errors Actual results: parity sync errors only in Unraid6 Other information: M/B: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. - GA-890GPA-UD3H CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3200 No SATA Cards. Using onboard SATA. Thank for the help