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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I would love to, however the cages are so tight, now sure how to do that. Any thoughts?
  2. Antec 1200 something something.. its an old one from 2009 i beleive. I picked it up used on ebay.
  3. What I really need is a super silent solution to cool the hard disks. I am going to continue researching on how to actively water cool hard drives in sandwich setup (1 heatsink for every 2 drives) without compromising space. Need the hard disks to be cooler than they are.
  4. I love this! I didn't know it existed. Should have to the plans on here first. It is working ok for now, although I think this pump/controller combo unit could be pretty handy when I move things into a rack mounted solution ... which is the obvious next step. I can imagine it now.. external radiator and pump set up with a silent passive external PSU and pipes going through a PCI slot at the back of the case. wowzers! Thanks a lot for sharing this with me. Water cooling is making me more excited than doing the rack build itself haha
  5. It really is. 50Kg is 110lbs in American. Thats a XSPC water temp monitor with a digital display. My MB does not have a temp sensor, so I put an external one in there. I am trying to figure out fan control still. It would have been great to do a fan curve according to water temp, but thats not possible at this time so I am just using the CPU for everything in the Dynamic Auto Fan plugin.
  6. Finally got this monster up and running after weeks of finding the right parts new and used. It took a while but I am now there. This super beefy machine now has excellent cooling, super silent and currently runs everything I need with room to spare. Specs: Ryzen 3900 65w TDP 32GB DDR4 3000Mhz Quadro P600 LSI 8I SAS with expander for 16 HDDs + 6 from mobo (active cooled mod) 1TB NVME cache 256GB NVME on PCI-e 1x MSI Gaming pro motherboard x470 650W PSU Quad Port Intel Nic for isolating VMs 10GB SFP+ Nic for main connection 25 drive in 4 drive cages D5 pump with reservoir 240mm radiator Water temp Display Fans controlled by dynamix auto fan control All weighs about 50kgs
  7. I have a very loud seagate desktop drive in the array. This is so loud that it causes the whole system to vibrate and also makes a humming noise when idle that i can hear in the next room. It is also the parity drive unfortunately. Anyhoo, I have a drive within the array that I would like to replace it with. It is a WD red and will do the trick. If you see my configuration, I want to replace Parity Drive with Disk 3. Image attached. I have seen instructions on how to do this on the wiki here: I am going to be using the first method. As I have 2 parity drives, I don't think I want to risk doing method 2. I think the instructions are slightly flawed or incomplete. Here is what they look like from the wiki I have used unbalance to move the data to other disks on the array, so that part is done. I have checked the shares settings and ensured that Disk 3 is not being used for anything else Snapshot of array assignments captured and attached. Now comes the tricky part that is not mentioned in the instructions. Stopping the array and doing a new config. The instructions dont tell you what to do if I want to change the parity drive itself It also fails to mention what to do when drive assignments if one of the disks are removed. Shouldn't the new configuration be configured in a way where each disk number changes as one of the drives is being removed? As I am removing Disk 3 from the array and making that into a parity disk: Disk 4 should become Disk 3 Disk 5 should become Disk 4 Disk 6 should become Disk 5 Disk 7 should become Disk 6 Am I right or have I got this wrong?
  8. Thats contrary to what I have researched. I have seen the 3900 overclocked to 3900x speeds on some youtube videos. Anyhoo, i will not overclock as advised. I will keep it safe. If I need to upgrade, I have a 3950x I can install on the motherboard.
  9. I would agree, it is totally related to browser. The simple fix that @trurl suggested worked immediately. @trurlthanks again. Did you try another browser?
  10. I am fortunate enough to get a Ryzen 3900 CPU which is rated at just 65w however it can be overclocked to perform like a 3900x. I am just wondering if anyone here has done overclocking of their CPU for Unraid? Is it stable? Its not like windows where you get a BSOD so now totally sure what happens in Unraid for anything that gets messed up. I obvs want to ensure all data and VMs do not get impacted in the slightest, so perhaps a slight overclock might be ok? Just looking for thoughts here. The need for this is so my VMs perform better than they do. I have Blue Iris running on one VM and it is run from the cache drive. It sometimes gets a bit slow and needs to catch up with blue iris IP camera software. I just need a very smooth and reliable experience with blue iris as it is my main security system. Any ideas on what I could do if overclocking is a stupid thing to do with unraid?
  11. thanks guys. kudos to you for all your help and support. You are what makes unraid great!
  12. Yes it does. I have a Ryzen CPU so I installed the Nvidia driver. All seems to be working fine. Just one thing is confusing me still as there has been a mention of kernels being overwritten. Once this plugin is installed, after all the pre-requisites discussed above. It wont continue to get overwritten every time unraid starts yes? Once this plugin is installed, its permanent? Just checking, please be patient with me Ali
  13. Thank you for this. According to your statement on your first post, it seems like this plugin is not needed if we install the nvidia driver by itself. "6.9.0 Beta35 and up no longer require a kernel build, but now require the Nvidia plugin by @ich777." So just to give you some background. I upgraded the OS yesterday to 6.9.0 stable and then proceeded to install nVidia driver plugin. Everything works well so far, I can see hardware acceleration working well. The GPU stats is the only thing that is now missing. What you are suggesting now is that we have to install your GPU stats plugin after installing the nvidia driver plugin. That will show GPU stats on the dashboard. Yes? Sorry just double checking because I have broken my unraid before by installing things in the wrong order.