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  1. I can try but I would prefer to keep dhcp for my router 😕
  2. The problem is that my router can only have one local DNS
  3. Do you have now a sexier way to sync 2 piholes? Do you have an idea how to use two piholes if I can only setup one DNS in my Router?
  4. Hi If you put your Docker containers on the bridge network, they can reach other containers on that network and not the host (which is good) but they can't reach the Internet. If you put your Docker containers on the br0 network, they can reach other containers on that network and not the host (which is good) but any device outside my Docker can reach that Docker. My home network is My server has IP address The br0 network is also I have 3 network cards in the server. 1: eth0 with br0 2: eth1 with br1 3: eth2 with br2 But when I create a docker network with br1 or br2, these containers do not get access to the web. I would like to have the Docker containers on a separate network so they can get to the internet and not the host. As an example of what I would like: Nextcloud with can get to the internet, cannot reach the unRAID host and cannot be reached from Nextcloud is only reachable from the outside via a proxy that has a leg in both networks ( and Unfortunately I have no idea how to do this without a firewall. How do you do this at home?
  5. for me it is not solved I have still the problem with nextcloud and joplin. How can I remove the "DST Root CA X3" ?
  6. Hey, about overleaf I have installed some texlive packages. Where are they saved? Where are all files saved? I can't see a mapping for appdata or files 😅
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has hosted unRAID with an external provider ? e.g. Amazon AWS ? I don't have my own server and would like to have unRAID somewhere with a large provider with failover. Can anyone recommend something for me?
  8. Hi a question to overleaf I have the same problem as this issue: https://github.com/overleaf/overleaf/issues/876 Can somebody help ?
  9. Overleaf Hi, If I create initial an admin via /launchpad I can't login. There is no user so I can't even reset the password. The error says that the credentials are wrong but on reset password there is no user.
  10. @CorneliousJD Hi Can I import from Nextcloud with pictures? I don't know how, I can only import the json file If I import all in one zip, nothing happened
  11. When I look at my certificate, all of my sub-domains are in there "Alternative holder designations" Have I done something wrong ? Shouldn't each subdomain have its own certificate?
  12. Okay and how do I do that? It is in the server and I don't want to remove it from the case
  13. Hi, I have a hard drive that is a bit older and already has pending-sectors. To avoid problems, I would like to exclude it from parity and only use it for unimportant things like caching data for transfering something or so. How do I do this?
  14. I have add swag as trusted proxy but i get the error "The reverse proxy header configuration is incorrect or you are accessing Nextcloud through a trusted proxy. If this is not the case, then there is a security problem that allows an attacker to spy out the IP address visible to Nextcloud. More information can be found in the documentation."