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  1. So, after days and weeks of trying I could not solve the problem. Neither different settings with MTU @weirdcrap nor a reconfiguration of wireguard solved it. What we tested: - https connection (curl) to the remote server without wireguard -> no issues, full speed - my friend came over to my location and connected back to his server (the remote server) to see if there may be a problem with my network -> but everything was fine - after a restart of the server or the array, I get max. speed through wireguard, but after a couple of minutes it drops to 5-10% o
  2. The upload speed of the remote server isn't an issue at all. 1.) when the remote server uploads to my server (so my download is in use), we achieve the max speed 2.) when I download from the remote server via https (nextcloud for instance), I also get the full speed 3.) for a short period of time I get the full speed, then it drops to a few KB/s We did iperf with and without wireguard, speeds are good. Through wireguard slightly slower, but still quite good. Also tracert is ok, no poor response times at any hop. I will test some different settings wi
  3. Thanks for the reply and the link to you post @weirdcrap What I don't understand is: why is my upload speed high and stable, but the download speed isn't? Also, my friend uses wireguard on his unbuntu server as well to connect to me, of course. He hasn't gotten any issues, neither with down- nor upload. So if I might guess, I think it has to do with the implementation of wireguard in Unraid.
  4. Hey guys, I set up a wireguard server-to-server connection to my friend's server, which works. Then I mounted his smb shares via the "add remote smb/nfs share" and they show up, which is good. I can access all shares and vice versa. Confusingly, some shares show up as USED 0 B FREE 0 B (see screenshots). Sometimes all show up as 0 B, sometimes a few of them, sometimes none. I don't get it, it's completly random. BUT, the main problem is when I want to download something from his shares. I only get 0,5MB/s in average while downloading (he has 50Mbit upstream, so it sh
  5. I got the same issue today while trying to stop the array. Nextcloud docker would not stop and pretend the system from stopping the array. I am running Unraid OS 6.9.0-rc1 and Nextcloud 20.0.3 with mariadb and swag as reverse proxy. There's no LSI Card installed. Nextcloud is running on a Samsung 970Evo Plus 2TB in a cache pool. @jcsnider I tried the command you mentioned: ps axl | awk '$10 ~ /D/' It gave me the following output: I picked a few pid's and listed the file handles with ls -l /proc/pid/fd as you see above. I then tried to res
  6. Hi together, I am new to the forum and also to UnRAID. I've read a lot and planning my setup for a decent time now. At the moment I'm struggeling which is the best disk setup for my case / what I should buy. Could you please comment on this 😉 This is my current plan: 1x 10TB WD Red: Parity 3x 10TB WD Red: Array 1x 1 or 2 TB SanDisk Extreme Pro M.2 NVMe 3D PCIe: Cache *1x 256GB Intel 600P M.2 NVMe PCIe: Docker containers *1x 1TB Samsung 860 EVO SATA: VMs *1x 500GB Samsung 840 EVO SATA: Plex *drives I already own