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  1. Just wanted to say that as a workaround I had a spare raspberry pi 2 that I setup next to my unRaid server. I have my mouse plugged into it and it is working great, across a wired network. Would love to see support where usb devices could automatically be connected to usbip in unRaid, and a driver in the guest that would allow you to dynamically connect to these usb devices. seems to work around the iommu issues nicely.
  2. I consistently have issues with USB devices not working, even with PCIe passthrough. Additionally I want to be able to plug in a USB device and use it on another machine. USBIP has been built into the Linux kernel since 3.17. However the modules/drivers/utilities do not seem to be available in unRaid. I think this would be a huge win with KVM type scenarios especially with so many configurations sharing IOMMU groups that do not allow you to pass things like USB soundcards through. According to reports of people who have used this, performance is fine for most USB device
  3. Awesome, thanks for putting this together. I installed it and got it working immediately. I connected to the OpenVPN Server Network that my unRaid is on. I was then able to ping the IP of my unRaid server, and SSH to it! My next goal is to remote desktop into a virtual machine on my network. I am unable to do so. I am able to do it when I am locally on my network. Do I need to do something in OpenVPN to allow access to a machine other than the VPN server, or to allow specific ports to be used?