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  1. I haven't formatted my SSD. My SSD and all my other drives seem to be working fine. I'm not having any issue with accessing any files on my drives, unless formatting my SSD has something to do with why I'm not able to download or update my docker applications and the issues I'm having with my Plugin tab?
  2. I saw this (image listed below) pop up on my Apps Tab today, but I can't tell what it is or what it's supposed to do. I click go to support thread and it takes me to the forum homepage. Just trying to get some clarification on what exactly that container does.
  3. I made a post about here. Essentially, I'm just having a lot of issues I've never had before on 6.8.3. It was like everything went from running perfectly to things just being unresponsive or breaking on me. Currently: I can't update any of my docker containers. Can't check for any updates on docker containers. It just keeps checking without ever resolving itself. Can't download anything from Community Applications. Certain tabs, but particularly my Plugins tab takes over a minute at best to load up. Someone in the other thread asked that I post my Diagnostics, b
  4. Also considering downgrading back to 6.8.3, but really don't want to deal with any issues. Is 6.8.3 compatible with 6.9.1 or will there be any alignment issues or issues in general?
  5. That's fair. Yea, unfortunately my server names and user names are tied to more than just my server. Anyway to downgrade to back to 6.8? I got to Tools --> Update OS and only see an option for 6.9.0.
  6. I went to download the zip file and saw a list of all the things that are made public in the diagnostics file and I'm not comfortable sharing some of that information. I know that might seem silly. I apologize.
  7. Upgraded to 6.9.0 and then to 6.9.1. The issues I have were present from 6.9.0 and I thought would be resolved with the 6.9.1 fix. Accessing Plugins or Apps tab takes at best 30 seconds and at worst several minutes. I used to be able to click through tabs instantaneously. Update: Accessing Plugins takes considerably longer than previously stated. It is now a few minutes to not loading at all sometimes. Updating Docker Applications is met with a command failed. Tested to make sure that I had internet and then verified by updating some Plugins, but Docker
  8. So I just set up WireGuard and used Remote Tunneled Access instead of Remote Access to LAN as my Peer Type of Access. I added the DNS.WATCH DNS Server to the Peer DNS Server option and I'm able to browse the internet, but I'm not able to access my Unraid server. Am I right to assume that Remote Tunneled Access does NOT allow you to access your Unraid server? Does that mean I should create another Peer that has Remote Access to LAN to access Unraid?
  9. Tried setting it up, but then I notice that this version hasn't been updated in 2 years and is not running anything even close to the latest release.
  10. Hey! Thanks so much for this post! I recently had to rebuild some stuff from scratch and this helped get my Jitsi service back online!
  11. Hi! I'm sure there is a rather simple fix for this (hopefully), but I'm too scared to do anything right now and I was hoping someone could help me. I recently did some tidying up on my server and moved my /appdata/ and /system/ folders to my cache drive. Upon restarting my docker service, I saw that my Docker Containers where no longer showing up on my system. When I went into my Docker Settings to check my mapping everything seems to look okay. (Picture 4) So I went to just double check if my docker.img file and my appdata where in
  12. Can't log in via Web GUI or anything anymore. No idea what's going on.
  13. I'm having an issue with Plex. To be honest, I don't really think it has anything to do with the linuxserver's docker container of Plex, but I'm not sure where else to ask. I was running the deprecated version of Plex's official docker container when I started noticing that I couldn't play my media, even if I was local. It looked like I needed to claim my server again, so I tried to do that. However, even though I clicked claim, nothing happened (screenshot attached below). I tried different browsers, incognito, and all of that. Couldn't do it. So I decided to uninstall the docker container (s