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  1. this worked for me...for now. i use robocopy with multithreaded MT:32, i reduced it to 4 and it has ran twice throughout the last 24 hours with no more network errors. i has got to do with windows/ nfs etc. I tried using the built in FTP server in unraid and there was no error but the same set of files will take 5 days to copy asFTP is single threaded with winscp scripting.
  2. dec 2020, it's still the same. this problem is going to outlast the pandamic.
  3. that's a weird setting/ naming of that function in Settings.
  4. it could be a different set of problems. you need to pass through the USB port to the VM to see the USB drives connected.
  5. this came up higher when trying to google the same issue. any massive thread is useless when trying to search for one answer.