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  1. yah... in real world ... wifi 6 is faster than 1gb ethernet. not 2x as advertise maybe 1.2x to 1.5x faster. but undoubtedly, it is faster.
  2. sure, that works, but just saying ... having wifi enable will take unraid popularity to another level.
  3. wire up the whole network might be a easy job in most people here, a easy diy job, just punch a hole in the drywall, and you are half way done. but my apartment/flat is all concrete, it's a huge renovation job and impossible to do while living in it. i dont have a desk yet, all the space are taken up by the kids. except for my bedroom. things are just different on the other side of the world. : (
  4. i think the easiest way is teamviewer, you have to setup unattended access for that to work, create and login an account in teamviewer. Or, create a VPN, connect to your server and then VNC/Splashtop/Remote Desktop to your VM with the internal ip (192.168.0.XXX)
  5. Totally agree. wireless is not the perfect solution for a server. but imho, wifi should generate tons of sales for unraid, More Sales=More Profit=Happy Developers=Better Unraid imagine having an old rig sitting in the corner as media server or a fanless laptop sitting under the sofa as a docker station, performace wise, still beats top of the line consumer NAS (J series intel) and i am pretty sure a lot of everyday user are using wifi not a wired connection even at home because it is not as easy as people might think having a wired pc at home with angry wife, active kids, etc. take me for example, my full size tower is currently sitting on the windowsill and my 34inch curved monitor is on a Ikea Manmut (plastic kids table) and my pc case is huge... with wifi i can move my unraid server somewhere more humane PS. My Number 1 request is still AMD Nested Virtualization, not be able to run vm workstation in windows, or android emulator like nox and bluestack really sucks.
  6. i thought wifi is 2 times faster quote from a mid range wifi6 router web site: Ultra-fast Wi-Fi Speed – RT-AX3000 supports 160MHz bandwidth and 1024-QAM for dramatically faster wireless connections. With a total networking speed of about 3000Mbps — 574 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 2402 Mbps on the 5GHz band. 10gb for the whole netowork is just too damn expensive right now.
  7. i had similar issue, i reinstalled windows and it went away, but it's happening again... Process say it's the VM using the resources, but in windows it's idling. i am guessing it has something to do with network. by network, i mean between windows vm and unraid.
  8. i was about to ask the question, but i went to advance mode on my docker page, force update fixed it. Just sharing. : )
  9. My Top 3. 1) AMD Nested Virtualization 2) Wifi Support Wifi is so fast now.. much faster than gb lan 3) VM Snapshot
  10. the bluetooth on my motherboard x570 taichi is attached to one of the usb controller, so i just had to pass that controller to the vm. playing king of crabs with wireless ps4 controller : )
  11. no, I have been running beta 25 for a month now. I meant cpu problem started yesterday. didn't make any new changes. honestly I can't tell if this is a beta bug or just a bug in general. but I don't see anyone post about it recently. sorry if i posted incorrectly.
  12. i am using x570 taichi, i am able to pass everything, -on board sound -usb controllers x2 -bluetooth -wifi -nvme all separately too.
  13. This just happened a day ago, didn't change anything to the VM xml. please help. cpu is stuck at 100% fresh start of vm, finished startup nothing is loading. no network usage, disk, cpu or anything in windows. 3am-unraid-diagnostics-20200817-0212.zip
  14. edit your xml from "host-passthrough" to "host-model" and delete the cache line 2 lines after that