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  1. If I use the Intel plugin do I need to remove all the old ways (this article) such as the go file or probe line? Ty again
  2. Container for this would be amazing
  3. I'm looking for someone that can talk with me directly via Discord and screen share to walk me through various questions I have regarding unRAID. This is particularly focused on networking and talking to other containers. I can pay by PayPal, Facebook Payment and willing to work out a per hour cost or a flat rate in USD. I have posted to the forums twice and reddit and never get a response so pretty much need to buy my support at this point. I have posted on other freelance sites hoping to get some work offered up ASAP. Thanks, Viper
  4. Hey all whats the best way to connect a container lets say Deluge *linuxserver version* with a static IP accessed by my router to my user defined bridge? This is not a docker specific question. Just wanted to give an example. In one example what I like to do is have a docker outside the user defined bridge still communicate as a download client to sonarr,radarr, etc.. without being in the user defined bridge. I can get this to work obviously if I place said container inside the user defined bridge. I'm running a specific VPN on my router that I want to give certain containers an a
  5. Updated and solved one of my issues myself. Just need help on the second part.