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  1. I've got an issue that is absolutely driving me crazy. I've got something going on with Unraid where it just reboots out of the blue. THAT is another story.....BUT...the result is that qbittorrent config settings revert to defaults which means when Unraid comes back up and the array starts, qbittorrent starts moving all my completed and incomplete torrents to my SSD cache, which I DON'T want!!! It is a nightmare to have to try and get everything fixed and moved back around afterwards. Does anyone have any idea why the settings revert back to default? I stop the qbittorrent docker quite a bit and backups are run every night which means all the data should be flushed to disk and permanent, so I'm trying to figure out what it is that causes the revert to default and a way to stop it. Thanks!
  2. I've been using Cyberpower for years. Used APC for years too (and Tripplite). Now I have 2 Cyberpower 1500 Sine on my daily machine and a 1325 Sine I just put on my Unraid box. No issues. I was even able to get Telegraf/Grafana to see the UPS and provide info using the NUT docker. Never heard anything about them catching fire and mine don't seem to be running any warmer then any other UPS I've owned.
  3. I was actually looking for something other then the syslog and had forgotten about the diagnostics. Looked through those and didn't see anything, but also haven't finished digging through it yet. But, I think it might be a CPU overheat issue and my fans aren't adjusting when the CPU starts to get a little toasty. But, pure speculation at the moment. Thanks for the heads up on the diagnostics files!!
  4. Yeah, had syslog set for local (but not for flash mirror) and for 5MB rotation but guessing syslog doesn't flush the memory to file until it rotates as there was nothing leading up to the reboot. I cranked it down to 1MB so hopefully will catch something next go around. Thanks!
  5. Question........I'm currently having random reboots of my unRaid server (that is a different issue) but because of it, I'm having all kinds of issues with QBittorrent resetting the paths for downloads under the Options. Not only that, I'm, finding QBittorrent is automatically moving all the files it has downloaded or is downloading (incompletes) on to my cache drive. The first time it happened it took me forever to figure out it was QBittorrent spooling stuff to the cache (400GB+ of stuff). Today when it happened, after the reboot and the docker started up, the files from my array started moving to the cache. Granted, IF it was moving the files to the cache with the exact same structure as on the array, I'd be good. But in this case, it appears to be wiping out the options I set for folders in QBittorrent under options, setting it to the defaults and then moving everything over/around which is completely forcing me to do a ton of clean-up and restart over a whole bunch of downloads. Is there something I should do with the QBittorrent docker to make sure the settings don't reset to defaults if a reboot occurs? I haven't seen this issue with a simple docker restart.
  6. Twice in as many weeks, my Unraid server just randomly rebooted. Both times it came up clean. The first time, it was in the middle of the night and not aware of anything too intensive running that might have caused an issue. Today, I know for sure the box wasn't doing anything but just simply running. The syslog only appears to have the reboot and post reboot info or I'm just not seeing anything in the syslog prior to the reboot. Is there another log I could look at to try and see what might have triggered these 2 random reboots? Thanks!
  7. So now that I can use GUS, was wondering if there is any special gotchas that might exist if I want to migrate my last 2 weeks of data from my stand alone InfluxDB docker to GUS? If a big issue, I'll just scrap the old data and start from scratch. Was just curious if you have heard of anyone successfully doing it before? Thanks!
  8. See, something simple and I'm a dumba$$. My other Grafana install has never gone straight in. It has always asked my to log in, so I didn't even realize there was a log in icon in the lower left. What a dufus. Sorry about that and THANKS!!!
  9. So, any thoughts as to why anything ipmitool related added to the post argument or within the telegraf.conf would cause telegraf to crash/stop? If I take out the ipmitool stuff, telegraf starts up fine. That, coupled with not being able to get any drive stuff to show up. And no matter what I do, the parity drive always shows as my cache drive (I don't have a parity drive at the moment). I'm following the diskio conversation so will wait and see what that says, but I did all the entries per above and still no drive stuff.
  10. So, obviously I'm missing something simple, because I can't do anything in Grafana. The default dashboard is all there is and there is no way to add/import other board nor can you change any of the individual panels. I've been playing with Grafana through another implementation but wanted to try this since it is a "all-in-one". Any help pointing me in the right direction is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I might have missed it but can't seem to add more then a single torrent link at a time in the Add Link URL field. It takes multiples and appears to see multiples but only recognizes/adds the first link. Is there a way to paste a block of links in to ruTorrent? Thanks!