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  1. I had an issue with the linuxserver plex container. For some reason even with all of the correct parameters it would not do hardware accelerated encoding. My nvidia-smi process showed no use. I added the same parameters to the binhex plexpass container and everything started working correctly. I am using Unraid 6.9.0 beta 35. Thanks to ich777 for the suggestion.
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    Hello unraid community. I have been using unraid for a few months now and I am really enjoying the platform and the capabilities. Came from using multiple synology NAS devices to suit my needs to now using my Dell 720xd as mainly a plex media server. My older synologys have now become backup servers for the time being. I have a lot to learn and creeping through the forums before I plunged into the 720xd was very informative and I look forward to seeing the community continue to grow.