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  1. I ran FIX common problems today (I've had it installed for about 5 months) and got the following error: Your server has detected hardware errors. You should install mcelog via the NerdPack plugin, post your diagnostics and ask for assistance on the unRaid forums. The output of mcelog (if installed) has been logged I installed MCELOG and reran the scan. Attached. To my untrained eye this appears to be it. I have made no hardware changes at all so not sure what this means: Feb 6 20:16:15 Unraid kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged Feb 6 20:16:15 Unraid kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: CPU 0: Machine Check: 0 Bank 4: be00000000800400 Feb 6 20:16:15 Unraid kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: TSC 0 ADDR 514925 MISC 514925 Feb 6 20:16:15 Unraid kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: PROCESSOR 0:906e9 TIME 1612671359 SOCKET 0 APIC 0 microcode de syslog
  2. Thanks. I had it mounted - but it was not allowing me to write. I restarted the Krusader container and all it set now. Clearly I was moving too fast, or did not do things in a specific order to get them to appear. Thanks for bearing with me as I clumsily went through this.
  3. Attached. You can see in the Krusader screenshot it's showing my UA drive as 1MB free out of 1MB ? Clearly in the other screenshot you can see it's a 2TB drive. No sure what I messed up where Edit: I was able to format them by hitting the red x - and I chose exfat - but now it won't mount.
  4. Hi guys, I've got UAD and UAD+ installed but running into a bit of a problem: I plugged in an external SSD that I formatted in ExFat and Fat32 - and every-time I try to copy files to it (inside Krusader) I get an error that the that there is not enough room on the disk even though my source is only about 500 MB. Yes, destructive mode is enabled. I formatted it on my Mac, so I thought that my be causing I a tried to format it via UAD and I can't even find that option! Thanks for any guidance.
  5. Update: I was really worried about my CPU temp, and pulled my PC out of my equipment rack (read: A shelf in my garage) - and looked at the CPU pump. It was not plugged in Yea: I am an idiot. Since it's been unplugged since I turned this PC into an Unraid server (about 50 days ago) - I don't know what the CPU temp SHOULD be. Yes, I know cooler is better - but what's the acceptable range? Google tells me 50 - 60 C / 122 - 149 F. Right now, with a 1080p plex stream and Macinabox running in a VM, I am sitting at about 120 F. I think I am a better place. How does that sound to everyone else? Thanks again.
  6. Yup. I actually re-purposed an old Gaming PC since it had a solid CPU and a bunch of slots to handle all the storage. Not sure I can retrofit the CPU cooler...I've never done that. Is that a thing?
  7. - once i get this sorted, I will pull the box and clean it up. It's liquid cooled, so I may need to do something more
  8. Thanks for all the information and guidance here. @trurl my diag is attached.
  9. New to bear with me. I have been moving my data onto my server. All has been fine, but this morning I woke up an noticed this error I thought that Unraid managed all of the data across the various drives I have installed automatically that I have set up? Is this an FYI warning or something worse? Did I misconfigure my array somehow? See my other screenshots for my disk config screenshots. Just not sure if I am set up properly or I am heading to a bad place or not. Thanks!
  10. I am having issues with speedtest-tracker that started after I took the latest update today. I removed it (and its app data) and re-installed it and still getting errors in the log. And there is no webui. Anyone else seeing this?
  11. Boo. Thanks - not fan of having it hammer my SSD for a log
  12. Hi guys, I woke up this am and my Server was offline. I went to check it and sure enough, it was completely shut down. I have the box on a UPS - and we did not appear to have any power issues, so I am puzzled. I powered it back up, and it's doing a parity check right now since clearly it was an unplanned shut down. Where can I find a log to see when and what happened? Thanks