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  1. Thanks. I opted to boot with no plugins loaded and delete the plugin and plugins directory and reboot. I'll wait a bit until wiser ones than me can play around with this
  2. I installed this plugin then ran tailscale up --advertise-exit-node --accept-routes --advertise-routes= Now, my system is unresponsive and I had to do a hard reboot and it's not coming back I need to go hookup a keyboard and display to try and recover. Any ideas where to start?
  3. Thanks - using open trackers. I tested a few from TPB (TESTING ONLY!) and they fell victim to the same issue. Downloads never starts. I will look again for anyone w/ Windscribe issues. In the config- I did enter my windscribe credentials. Do I need do that since they are contained in the .CONF file I dropped in the /wireguard/ directory ?
  4. Here is my run command and download settings in the attached screenshot.
  5. Hey all, I installed DelugeVPN today, and was able to add my Wireguard credentials. I can open up the UI and add torrents, but the torrents never seem to start. I tried a few torrents, and even the official Ubuntu torrent - and nothing ever starts. Note: I am using Windscribe VPN. Any idea where to look? I took at peel at the logs and nothing jumped out at me.
  6. Thanks. I made that change. Thank you
  7. I looked in the log, and all I see is the machine event error. I turned on mcelog and I don't see anything specific being logged.
  8. I’ll pull the 16 G out. Re the machine error - where can I find the logged? I enabled mce - but don’t know where to get details
  9. Curious. Thanks. Where can I see that error in the logs I submitted? They are showing the same speed in the BIOS but clearly they are not?
  10. Damn it. It did it again. I was streaming a movie from my plex container, checked the UI to see if it was using hardware encoding and went to the UI and it was unstable. My system crashed - AGAIN. I can't SSH into the box and now I have to do ANOTHER power cycle. This is supremely frustrating. Is there another way I can direct & timely support from Limetech? While I appreciate the peer to peer model, I'd prefer a more direct line to the company Attached are logs after this crash More
  11. Following up: Today the Scrypted container siezed up. I had to stop the Docker services and then they would not restart. So I took the array offline and did a clean reboot. Attached are logs from the USB boot drive and two system diagnostics: One before reboot and one after Archive
  12. Thanks Jorge. I have done that, and I will share that when the inevitable crash happens
  13. I have been running an Unraid server for about 3 years, and recently completed a build that was built around lower energy consumption, lower temps and more energy efficient parts. Prior to this build, I was running Unraid on an old gaming pc that was loud, sucked down energy and huge. So my new server footprint is much better (smaller) and all around happy with the hardware side of things. BUT: Something is tremendously wrong with my current set up. Specifically, my docker set up seems tremendously unstable and frankly quite fragile. I am running the following: AdGuard-Home binhex-krusader Cloudflare-DDNS HomeBridge NginxProxyManager Plex-Media-Server Portainer scrypted And I *THINK* it's either scrypted or Plex that is causing problems. For the past few weeks, each morning I wake up and 25% of the time - the UNRAID webui is not responding and I can't SSH in to the box. I need to do a hard power reset. Of course after the system comes back it wants to do a parity check. During one of these resets it corrupted my Plex DB (that I migrated from my v1 server without issue) - while the media files are fine, I lost all the additional metadata (lists, closed captions, cover art) So I don't know how to recover that part of the equation. I thought the way Docker was designed is that it's not supposed to bring down the host. Why does this keep happening? Any idea where to start trying to get things back to a stable place? I am stumped. Thanks.
  14. Glad this thread was able to help you. I'd love if some of the big brains around here could explain WHY fast boot causes some MoBo's to be unable to boot from the USB.
  15. I have spent some time tonight trying to get it to work, and I am NOT having success. In Bridge mode, Adguard complains it can't reach the internet. I don't know what to do - is it something in my Unraid network config? I did nothing to the network settings or the routing table specifically. This is a new install of Unraid (about 2 weeks old)
  16. I am not using any filtering on my network at all. I have zero issues connecting to any servers from my network. My network is all Ubiquiti with a pretty vanilla set up (no vlans) What I did notice was that if I create the container using bridging - then it appears to work fine (can update the list) but I really want to run it as a custom network so I don't port issues sharing my Unraid's IP
  17. I am using the official adguard docker container and when I use a custom network type (so that the container gets a unique IP from my router) - I can't get Adguard to update it's list and am unable to add any new blocklists. No idea why, as I did not change any variables - I just installed it as is. Any idea what I can do here? I am not that new to UNRAID, but this has me vexxed. Logs
  18. Subject says it all. I have not had time to test it, but hoping I can use "My Servers" to connect to my box (when I am out of my network) and start it up - since it's encrypted and I need to enter the passphrase. I do not want the array to autostart without me entering the passphrase.
  19. Update: I changed FROM Fast Boot and it appears that I can boot now
  20. Ok this has GOT to be incorrect. I opened a support ticket with GIGABYTE, and this was their response: That seems outrageously wrong. I don't think I know of ANY MoBo that can't boot from a USB stick directly unattended.
  21. Thanks. I will work on this - I did have a USB receive for my Mouse/Keyboard for initial BIOS config, I removed that and will test. There is nothing else plugged in to the USB slots except the USB stick. Update: It keeps doing it, but if I go into the BIOS and make no changes-and exit the BIOS it will boot from the USB. Weird
  22. Hello all! I set up a replacement server and so far it's going well. One thing I can't seem to figure out is that I am getting inconsistent behavior when booting. Sometimes it will boot, and sometimes it will just hang at a BIOS splash screen. My new machine is running a Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. B560M AORUS PRO MoBo. This is my second machine, and the first one (not the same MoBo) I have zero issues. I *THINK* i have all the BIOS settings set up properly, buy curious if anyone has seen similar behavior. Thanks!
  23. Removed my old Macinabox (the old script from a year+ ago) and tried this one. Yes, I deleted everything but I am now screwed with this new way of installing MIB. I am getting this error. Script location: /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/1_macinabox_helper/script Note that closing this window will abort the execution of this script error: Failed to open file '/mnt/user/appdata/macinabox/autoinstall/Macinabox*.xml': No such file or directory VM is now installed. Goto VM tab to run Rerun this script if you make any changes to the macOS VM using the Unraid VM manger Of course if I try to start the VM, I get an error. Anyone have any pointers? Help.
  24. Hey folks - I got Wireguard set up but I noticed something strange. I am on the Version 6.9.2 of Unraid, and I added the Wireguard plugin (and ensured it was updated) - but my VPN icon is the older one. Not the Wireguard one. I set everything up and it appears to be working on, but found that part odd.