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  1. I feel dumb but... I keep getting connection refused in Chrome. I would expect even without the letsencrypt part I should be able to access the webserver internally. Externally, of course, letsencrypt give me failed to connect. This is after a default install to my cache drive without changing any configs.
  2. It's interesting you say that because I just experienced the same thing with Headphones. I wish I remembered if it was before the 6.1.7 update or not. Currently everything looks normal for me so I don't know. I'll continue to monitor it. I think i've spotted the issue possibly. Nothing major, you have: cache_dir = /opt/mylar/cache So it's not being set to the /config folder and as the cache builds, the container fills. Maybe it's the beer but I can't find what you're talking about. Where is cache_dir? Sorry
  3. Thanks. That should keep me busy for awhile!
  4. I think I might be having kernel panics in relation to my server randomly shutting off. I tried to search for the answer and found a good question I never saw an answer. How can I troubleshoot my system if I think I'm having kernel panics. System shuts off and when I start it up again the syslog is of course wiped.
  5. Here is my first set of diagnostics. I'm going to try to go vanilla and post again. This is after a bootup so I don't know if it will help alot. EDIT: Actually I think I'll just let parity check go and see how long it lasts before shutting off.
  6. Will do. I'll restart it and boot up unraid and grab it. Thanks for your time.
  7. Directly into the wall. It was on there with a lamp. I've since moved it to the next wall over that has a monitor plugged into it.
  8. It's an Antec HCG-750 approximately 2-3 years old. 750 watt. Plugged into my supermicro h8dme-2 which runs the board connecting the HDD's and what not. No UPS. I'm not running a video card or anything off it. Just plugged into the motherboard. Im running memtest now and it appears to have stopped at 8 minutes in. Although the red plus next to memtest is blinking nothing else is going on the screen. At the time it stopped it says cpu temp 33c which seems normal
  9. Quite sure it's not a power outage. It could be overheating but like I said, the bios log doesn't say anything and I don't know how to tell otherwise if it's overheating. Could be the power supply. How can I test that?
  10. I'm experiencing random shutdowns. I don't see anything in the bios log saying it overheated and the syslog gets blown away of course. What is my best course of action for determining what my issue is? Is the a live linux usb I can run that will run diagnostics and tell me there is a problem? Preferably one that saves logs so when it randomly shuts down I can pull the stick and go look at what caused the issue. Memtest seemed to be running fine for a few hours and passed at least once but the server was shut off when I woke up in the morning.
  11. I apologize but right now my unraid rig is down. I'm suspecting bad ram after I finally ran a memtest this morning. I don't use those scripts... where did they come from? Otherwise you should be able to set the output directory in the Mylar configuration. Good luck!
  12. pinion


    I have one that's $30 a year. I run several small wordpress sites on it. I have another that's $8 a year and I use it just for IRC and run weechat and bitlbee.
  13. It's interesting you say that because I just experienced the same thing with Headphones. I wish I remembered if it was before the 6.1.7 update or not. Currently everything looks normal for me so I don't know. I'll continue to monitor it.
  14. Perhaps I'm wrong. I saw that it said I was 6 commits behind so I hit update. It updated and then told me in my log that Mylar was up to date and I no longer see that I'm 6 commits behind. I do see where it gives you an error if you check for updates but I'm not sure why Could not get the latest commit from github . For all I know it could be an issue with Mylar but I concede it's probably something I did wrong.
  15. Correct, it doesn't update itself. It is currently stable for me. Is there a bug fix or feature that's been introduced that you need? I'll test and accept any pull if someone wants to make it to where it can update itself either through mylar or when you restart the container but I don't really have the time to do it myself.
  16. I'm not sure how you mean. 8090 is exposed and you can set it to whatever you want on the host. If you're using the Community Apps Plugin you can change it at install time or edit it later and change the host port to anything you like. For your other question, I created my repos before linuxserver even had their own baseimage. I guess I could look into it but I'm not all that worried about it so I doubt I will anytime soon. Mylar is working great for me and I hope you find it useful too.
  17. Run more than one docker for this? Unless it goes by IP or something.
  18. and until it does dawn on you, you don't know how to use dockers. This is what trips everyone up. Absolutely. glad you got it sorted! I still have an issue where not all of my media will show up to push for some reason. No idea why. I think my permissions are correct. No one else has complained so I haven't cared to look into it since I also use Plex. And I think you can get Plex on Tivo now too although I don't go that route.
  19. Sorry to post again, but I was just looking at my conf file and noticed that there is no type for the MyMovies - shouldn't it have a type of video? I am enclosing it, although I have changed personal information in it. The TiVO MAK, user, and password are masked. I'll have to check my config to find out and I wont have access for about 11 hours. I can tell you that I didn't edit my pytivo.conf manually so I don't think you need to. I'm looking at your logs and your config now though and it looks like you set your directories to what they are in unraid but not what they are in the docker. So when you setup the docker you told the container (for instance... you need to check your own settings...)... you told the container that /media in the container points to /mnt/user in unraid. So in the container if you want to point to /mnt/user/Video you need to tell the pytivo page that it is in /media/Videos. Because, in this example, /media = /mnt/user. Does that make sense? The log is throwing errors because the container can't find the directory you are looking for. So check your config on the docker and see where you should be setting your paths OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/mnt/user/Music'
  20. So using ffmpeg --version I see that it is installed, and using find I find it in /usr/local/sbin/ffmpeg and another directory where I tried to get it installed... The version is N-51867-g2dba040-static with a 2005 date, so it appears good/current. When I search for or attempt to execute tdcat and tivodecode however, I do not find them in any system-wide location, only in a bunch of docker subvolumes. Which path am I suppose to use in that case? I'll attach a log showing you the results of find on tdcat. tdcat won't be installed on unraid. It will only be installed in the container. You won't find what you're looking for doing what you're doing. Please read this for your answers:
  21. Correct - sorry to have confused you by mentioning the whole thing. I was using it to check for ffmpeg, see processes, try to install ffmpeg manually, etc. I was even tempted to install without the docker, but decided to hold off on that. Disregard the whole Krusader/terminal part please! Ok, I'm just worried something else may have gotten messed up. When you say you got ffmpeg installed did you exec into the docker container or are you just within unraid? having ffmpeg installed in unraid won't do you any good for pytivo and running commands within the docker container isn't necessary.
  22. OK - removed everything, re-installed, this time at least ffmpeg was installed (no tdcat, but that is not critical). So I figured I was golden, but there are still no movies appearing. I haven't heard for certain that a root video directory full of sub-directories of ISO files is OK with this - is it? I even took an mp4 file and copied it to .mpg and .mpeg, put them in the root folder where my media (movies) are located, but my TiVO just keeps saying that there are no movies. I created music and photo shares, and they also point to directories with a ton of sub-directories containing photos or MP3 files, but when I access Music on my TiVO I get "An unexpected error occurred while accessing the server. (Error#3-5-6)". When I access photos, I see it flash the boxes on the screen for a second where it would display the folder names, but then those go away and it says the same as with Music except the error is (Error#5-6). From what I have read online, those errors are a bit of a mystery potentially created by the TiVO end of things screwing up. (Which, if you have ever used their TiVO app on iOS or Android, you would no doubt believe since it couldn't keep a decent connection going to save its life even when you have good bandwidth...) So not sure why the videos are not appearing when all else appears good - any ideas? FYI... Log is clean, no errors. How do you know ffmpeg is installed but tdcat is not? ffmpeg, tdcat, and tivodecode are all installed. You might have to manually set the path for tdcat and tivodecode like I said earlier in the thread on in the readme. Try to do that and see if you can pull anything from your TiVo on the page for tower:9032
  23. I was just using the terminal emulator in Krusader to try to run a package installer, but am not having any luck. Yes, I am on UnRAID 6.1.4 I don't use this, but is Krusader part of the pytivo docker, or is it a separate docker? If a separate docker it cannot access anything in the pytivo docker. I was just using it for its terminal emulator because I was on a computer that did not have Putty on it... But you don't need to do anything in a terminal emulator for the pytivo docker.
  24. I was just using the terminal emulator in Krusader to try to run a package installer, but am not having any luck. Yes, I am on UnRAID 6.1.4 Yes, my /config is pointed to /mnt/user/Apps/pyTiVO/ my /media is pointed to /mnt/user/Video/ which is where all of the video mpgs and movie iso images are located, in subdirectories. I used the community docker application plugin, so perhaps there is an issue there? I did an edit on the docker so it would generate output of the setup - it is attached to this if it helps. I'm not sure what you are doing in the terminal emulator in krusader but you do not need to install anything or manually mess with anything like that. Uninstall the container via the Docker menu in unraid and make sure you delete everything. Delete the folder that you had it installed to in unraid as well. Then try to reinstall and reconfigure via the website at port 9032. The log you posted showed that the Docker container was previously downloaded so it didn't redownload anything and that everything succeeded in the docker installation. So nothing there really to help troubleshoot.
  25. What I'd really like to see is a docker for kmttg!!!