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  1. Ok, so doing some additional testing, the logs I was getting before (with "VPN not configured!") only happen if I have more than one .ovpn file in the directory (even though only one of the files was named vpn.ovpn) so I have made sure to only keep one .ovpn file there. I presume the above error then is just with communicating with the VPN server? Maybe? Edit: yup, messing with different .ovpn files from my provider has done the trick. It's working again
  2. These are the only files: And with the update that unraid had me apply to the template this morning I'm getting new logs:
  3. Have now tried this with no success. I did decide to leave the container running for a few min and got some additional Log output: Seems to be missing vpn.conf? But it never had it before and worked fine. Any ideas? If not I'll submit to the github, but wanted to see if there might be something dumb I'm missing first. Thanks
  4. So I've been using your OpenVPN container for a while, and have run into an issue. My power went out yesterday and my ups failed. Parity check came back clean, but my VPN container refuses to run properly. All that shows up in the log is: I haven't made any changes and have rebuilt the container and this is all I get. I've also tried multiple VPN server files to see if that was the issue and get the same thing.
  5. This does appear to be the case. Just got a warning about it and checked and sure enough: This is the same template URL that replaced it last time. I'll be ignoring warning this time lol
  6. Hey @ich777 I immediately deleted them once I noticed (and forgot to screenshot first), but somehow my templates for your OpenVPN-client container were replaced by some russian one. Not sure if this is something known or combatable, but thought you aught to be informed. If it happens again, I will make sure to take screenshots for you to see.
  7. That was indeed the problem. Thanks! I have fixed the name of the config files and everything is working now. Thanks for the help and keep up the great work you do here!
  8. So I'm having a weird issue and I've already tried reinstalling the plugin to no avail. For some reason, the plugin is reading the folder names on the cache drive incorrectly. As you can see in the attached log, the mover tries to mount /mnt/cache/STORAGE even though my share name is Storage. It also tries to mount /mnt/cache/media even though my share name is Media. This leads to the mover just not running at all. In an attempt to fix, I tried making a symbolic link for media->Media (I don't actually use Storage right now so I don't really care about that one) which is why you see media in my shares and the log says it finds it, but it still won't move any files. Please help and thanks in advance. Let me know if you need any more info or logs. P.S. For generating the log on command I have the "Move Now button follows plug-in filters:" set to yes but usually have it set to no. When set to no, the mover button works as it should and all files that should be moved get moved.
  9. @ich777 Just as an FYI, the Valheim docker update re-added the default game ports to my second container making it so it wouldn't launch with the first container running defaults (because ports conflict obviously). Not sure what caused, but I will note that my second container was running ValheimPlus. Not sure if that would have made a difference but just trying to give you the info
  10. This did help thanks. I didn't realize the GAME_PORT under the extra settings needed to be changed. Working now. Thanks @ich777 you rock. Keep up the great work and know the community appreciates you and your hard work!
  11. OK, maybe I'm stupid, but I cannot for the life of me get 2 of these Valheim dockers to run simultaneously. They spin up just fine but only one is actually accessible. I have forwarded a separate port range and put the correct ports in the container. When I use Steam Server List, the server shows up at the correct port with the correct game name but when trying to join I get this: Please help
  12. you need to open VNC faster and hit any key to load from "cd"