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  1. I am having the same issue - however at this time I am only passing through a gpu only ( nvidia gt740) . I have a sabertooth 990 fx board and 8350 processor. I had both xp and w10 VMs running with the gpu pass through for about a week, but as of friday when I start up VM, it crashes everything. I am hoping to merge my pc with my unraid server , so I am testing this out right now, trying to get all the kinks ironed out. I cant post a syslog as it disappears once the server is rebooted . What else can I post to get some assistance ?
  2. I have just started to learn about using a VM, having rebuilt my server . I want to basically have only machine . I have been trying to find out how to get get the shares on my server to show up in my window vm. I am working with Xp at the moment trying to get some older games working , and learning what I need to do to run VM's . I understand that I can use network places , but I dont see the sense in that - and the speed hit that would result in using ethernet to the router and then back into the same machine. I have to assume it is possible - but I have not seen any guides that outline how to do it
  3. I believe I have a pro license , so I have more capability than space to put discs. I am looking to upgrade the case , and if I combine the 3 enclosures I have will have up to 15 discs possible - well 16 may be - I think the ssd holder will fit 2. If I do that - I was going to put the discs I want the OS to use in an external enclosure - which limts me to 4 discs about what I have in my pc now . so I dont think that will be an issue . can you point me at a resourse that will show me how to do it ?
  4. Is it a requirement to create virtual disks - or point to shares in the array , or can you keep some discs out of the array and have the OS use them instead?
  5. I just did some research - is this something that needs to be done right now - or can it wait a couple of weeks ? I will be buying a new 4T drive just after christmas .
  6. I have just upgraded to V6 , and when checking my syslog was getting this error : emhttpd: error: get_filesystem_status, 6475: Operation not supported (95): getxattr: /mnt/user/libary . I googled it and while I found some other users with the issue - There was no explaination in simple terms what the solution was . can someone assist ? M/B: ASUSTeK Computer INC. - M4A88T-V EVO/USB3 CPU: AMD Phenom™ II X3 740 @ 3000 Unraid Version 6.5.3 2018-06-12 tower-diagnostics-20191201-1025.zip
  7. I have bought an installed a silverstone 9211 card flahed it with p19 f/w. I recall reading somewhere - and I did not book mark it, that in order to get s.m.a.r.t info showing in mymain I need to add something to the attribute section , however I cant remember what , and I cant find it again- ( somewhere in the 69 pages of this thread I think ) . can anyone assist ?
  8. the point I was making there is that cost is not a factor as there is about $15 btwn the SM card and the LSI card. Given the Marvel chip issue with unraid 6 , is there anything else that would tip the balance in deciding one card over the other.
  9. I asked this in the wrong thread previously I think. I want to upgrade to an 8 port sata controller card. At this time I dont have any intention of upgrading to unraid 6 at this time as I dont have a need for the features. in the future I may combine my desktop pc with the NAS - but not right now. I am debating between SM SAS2LP-MV8 and an LSI 9211-8i card of some description. I know the SM card has some issues in V6 . could I please have some advice as to which way to go , as I dont have a clear preference. In terms of cost : SM wins , as it works straight out of the box. the cheapest I have seen for an lsi card is $174 for a silverstone tek , however that will need to be flashed. then I saw this : http://www.qbtl.com/new-it-mode-lsi-9211-8i-sas-sata-8-port-pci-e-6gb-raid-controller-card-us-seller.html , it appears to be a genuine LSI , and cost is $124, competitive with the SM card. In a straight head to head, any preferences ? anything else I should be aware of that will help me make a decision? thanks for any assistance
  10. this was the problem I was referring to https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=29236.0 while searching ebay found this http://www.ebay.com/itm/121601853837 , which led me to this http://www.qbtl.com/new-it-mode-lsi-9211-8i-sas-sata-8-port-pci-e-6gb-raid-controller-card-us-seller.html . This seems very cheap for this card - the seller looks legit , and the card does not look like a knock off. any thoughts ?
  11. I am updating my sata card in order to make use of all the drive slots I have. I was looking at the SM AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 until I saw the issues with v6 . That being said currently I have no need to go there as I dont need the extra features it offers . hence I am looking at the dell h310 . I am not scared of flashing it , it seems straight forward , I am more concerned with an issue where these cards cause system boot issues . does anyone have the biostar 690G board ? will it work straight out of the box or will I need to blank some contacts? ( something I am loathe to do )
  12. So the plug in cannot be configured say You have to use serviio remote connect? That's correct because the 3rd party web interface is no longer updated by the developer. There is an alternative web interface but it requires apache which is a bit cumbersome to setup with a plugin. ok tried using remote connect - for library I assume I use path rather than local to add folder to the library . also when I tick library to change location ( using /mnt/cache/apps/serviio/library ) click cdone - when the screen returns the tick has been taken out of the library box. is it using the location specified ? or reverting to default?
  13. I am looking at your Serviio plugin . I have a couple of questions the way you have the plugin downloads set up - does it get the latest versions of applicable files - like the latest version of serviio itself . can you arrange it to install on a cache drive and whre would changes need to be made to achieve that ? thanks for your time
  14. sorry I am using unraid 5 - if I am understanding what you mean
  15. Thanks , I have notepad ++ , what settings do I need to use to format correctly ? I have tried end of line conversion - nothing changed in appearance. all I do is copy and paste from the link in this thread : http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=19791.0 , into a text editor and save. I changed the end of line mode - ( did not appear to change the visible formatting ) - got same result