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  1. I have this same board. You will have to setup the LSI 3108 to JBOD is either IPMI or the firmware settings upon boot. Worked out the box for me. No flashing needed.
  2. Have you installed and ran the user scripts?
  3. Hello All, I don't know from where to start so I will describe my system, its state and the concerns I have: My system's details: I have successfully installed BigSur on my SuperMicro x9drh-if with x2 e5-2670v2 with total of 52GB ECC RAM with passthrough to GTX 645 and ASM1142 for USB controller. I did not included a BT+WIFI simply because I don't need it and I don't want to waste my PCIE slots. Icloud, iMessage and FaceTime were configured successfully and accessible. My concerns: MY SSD is ADATA SU635 and its passthrough to the OS via Unassigned Devices and is running at "SATA
  4. Hey cagemaster. Please check if the link below will help you: