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  1. Hi, Just one question before I try to switch back my CPU from Intel to AMD, the GPU driver in this update:"/etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf" is this radeon same as the radeon in AMD APU like my 3400G? Can I use 3400G and passthrough the GPU inside it to PLEX?
  2. My bad, I will download the diagnostics before seeking help next time. Thank you for the help, now I'm comfortable to use command lines to manage.
  3. I have done couple changes to my Unraid service last week: 1. Since I set the "appdate" share as cache only, so I delete the empty folder "/appdate" in /mnt/disk1 by "rm -rf" 2. I mounted a new disk for the downloads, after checked in forum, I think mover cannot apply on files that already in disks, so I moved older downloads in disk1 to disk2 by "mv -f" After I done those changes, my unraid service crashed 1~2 times a day, first I thought this may caused by my docker or VM, but the service keep crashing after I stoped the docker and VM. And one of my disks was disabled by system during the checking yesterday. But verified in my desktop, this disk is working fine but the service still disable this disk. So I will re-install the Unraid OS tonight, and I may need some help for future use: 1. Can I use command line like "rm" or "mv" to manage my files in Unraid. (Will this cause error in the parity? As the parity won't know if I deleted some file in disk) 2. What's the best way to manage files in disks like delete the file in disk1 or move something in disk1 to disk2? Thanks in advance😀
  4. Having the same issue with the same motherboard, really hope this issue could be fixed in next release