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  1. al3388

    ODroid H2+

    Haven't tried memtest, but booting into GUI mode works. Yepp, temperatures are a problem.. worked with beta 24, but seems to be broken somehow in beta 25
  2. al3388

    ODroid H2+

    Running unraid beta 25 on the Odroid h2+ for several days now. Installed several docker containers (pihole, nextcloud, unifi controller, bookstack, bitwarden, nginxproxymanager, duplicacy)... needs around 3W with one active M2 SSD (Adata 8200 xpg), the HDD (WD Red 3 TB) is not active. 8 GB RAM with approx 40% utilisation. Performance? enough. Power consumption? great. I pinned the H2+ and the HDD to a wall, so quite invisible as well
  3. I have successfully installed unraid 6.9 beta 25 on an Odroid H2+. Nice little machine But Unraid does not recognize the 32GB EMMC drive. I want to use that drive as a flash device, not as a boot device. The M2 SSD and HDDs are recognized without any problems. I previously installed debian on the EMMC, was no problem so the EMMC is working.
  4. al3388

    ODroid H2+

    Great to hear... any ETA for this beta?
  5. al3388

    ODroid H2+

    Used Unraid for several years now and switched to Hardkernel ODroid H2+. This neat little device (which consumes approx 2W with Debian Buster) has a new Realtek network chip R8125B. This 2.5GB network device requires manual installation for several Linux distros. Are there any plans to support this network chip or device? Tried it with the latest Beta 6.9 beta 22, no luck with the network chip.