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  1. Just tried to install a new server after a restart I have attached a screenshot showing the error & that it has infact made the folder... this has me mind boggled.
  2. I'm using unraid 6.9.2 probably time to update but don't want to break any of the other dockers which are working by updating. My unraid mounts on the docker config page are: /etc/pterodactyl -> /mnt/user/pterodactyl-node/Etc/ /var/run/docker.sock -> /var/run/docker.sock /mnt/user/pterodactyl-node/data -> /mnt/user/pterodactyl-node/Data/ /tmp/pterodactyl -> /tmp/pterodactyl My config.yml file paths are root_directory: /mnt/user/pterodactyl-node/data log_directory: /var/log/pterodactyl data: /mnt/user/pterodactyl-node/data archive_directory: /mnt/user/pterodactyl-node/data/archives backup_directory: /mnt/user/pterodactyl-node/data/backups tmp_directory: /tmp/pterodactyl username: pterodactyl timezone: Europe/London I added the additional /mnt/user/pterodactyl-node/data to unraid in an attempt to get rid of the error by adding the exact path it was asking for but this has not made any difference. I know this is almost certainly some little oversight on my part but I cannot see it anywhere. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Is anyone able to help with this error I am getting from the pterodactyl Daemon. ERROR: [Jun 12 09:49:05.975] failed to complete server re-install process error=Error response from daemon: invalid mount config for type "bind": bind source path does not exist: /mnt/user/pterodactyl-node/data/94163d68-1be6-422a-93be-605aee16c962 server=94163d68-1be6-422a-93be-605aee16c962 Stacktrace: Error response from daemon: invalid mount config for type "bind": bind source path does not exist: /mnt/user/pterodactyl-node/data/94163d68-1be6-422a-93be-605aee16c962 The folder and location it is referring to do exist and it does have access as it actually created the 94163d68-1be6-422a-93be-605aee16c962 folder right before spitting out the error, this happens with any server I try to setup using both the Ibracorp docker template and the official one. Thanks in advanced for any suggestions.
  4. I did I have tried both versions of the psot argument I have installed telegraf alpine, if I use the non alpine post arguments then telegraf will not boot atall and using the alpine post arguments I get everything bar ipmi working.
  5. Hi guys, anyone know what could be causing this error: Error: Unable to establish IPMI v1.5 / RMCP session 2021-01-17T20:24:10Z E! [inputs.ipmi_sensor] Error in plugin: failed to run command /usr/sbin/ipmitool -H -U telegraf -P telegraf -I lan sdr: exit status 1 - Error: Unable to establish LAN session This is trying to connect to my Dell R710s IDRAC express using a new read only account iv created. I have used the additional argument in telegrafs configuration that's supposed to download ipmi tools but my guess is it hasn't downloaded? Is there a easy way for me to test this / manually install ipmi tools? Still finding my feet when it comes to Linux based systems so my apologies if this is a obvious problem that iv failed to spot. Thanks in advanced for any help. Edit I'm on the most recent stable build of unraid and I have enabled my Idrac access over lan and can open a connection to it using the login iv given to telegraf in my browser. Here is my telegraf conf section regarding ipmi I have changed username and password for obvious reasons everything else is identical. GNU nano 4.6 telegraf.conf # # Read metrics from the bare metal servers via IPMI [[inputs.ipmi_sensor]] # ## optionally specify the path to the ipmitool executable # # path = "/usr/bin/ipmitool" # ## # ## Setting 'use_sudo' to true will make use of sudo to run ipmitool. # ## Sudo must be configured to allow the telegraf user to run ipmitool # ## without a password. # ## use_sudo = true # ## # ## optionally force session privilege level. Can be CALLBACK, USER, OPER># # privilege = "ADMINISTRATOR" # ## # ## optionally specify one or more servers via a url matching # ## [username[:password]@][lan[(ip)]] # ## e.g. # ## root:passwd@lan( # ## # ## if no servers are specified, local machine sensor stats will be queri># ## servers = ["username:password@lan("] # # ## Recommended: use metric 'interval' that is a multiple of 'timeout' to># ## gaps or overlap in pulled data interval = "30s" # # #
  6. I have confirmed there has not been a bios update since the board was released so that is not the issue. I have not touched any configs but have tried another usb and still failed to boot, I also tried another PCI slot still no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can try next?
  7. I will check for a bios update and the 8gb of ram is just what I had laying around to test unraid with I'm still in the 30day trial. All the vm will do is run citrix receiver and plex desktop client on the TV in another room as I have a gaming laptop which I use for everything.
  8. I didn't change anything between booting it in its stable working form and it not booting atall other than turning IOMMU on in the bios. Everything else was identical.
  9. I need some help, I have my unraid machine fully working and have tested stability by running for 24hrs (I know its not long in but it's for testing purposes) When I enable IOMMU it fails to boot into unraid photo of the only error I can see attached. As with the last issue I had I cannot get unraid to dump a diagnostic file to pull while it's in this state. Screenshot of hardware info screen is attached (this screenshot was taken with IOMMU disabled allowing me to correctly boot. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  10. Thank you, I solved the other issue by changing the network config back to its original from the static IP I had set. I am yet to try launching in headless mode but I am currently editing it from my laptop with the unraid gui on another monitor just incase something causes an issue. I would like to thank everyone for there help I will edit the original question with the steps I tried and what fixed it in the end so anyone having a similar issue who finds this post can work through it in a similar manor.
  11. Hi, Not sure if this was your intention but your reply made me realise that I hadn't actually tried swapping ram slots and unraid loads into ram, I switched the single 8gb ddr3 dim into another slot and it booted first time into a functioning unraid I haven't actually tested anything but I can access the dashboard in GUI mode and active the trial key. still not able to remote in but that's a different issue and any progress is good progress.
  12. Hi, I have done this and all the drives are working fine on my laptop. I did mention this but appreciate you may not have time to read every reply.
  13. I am about to go to work so will pickup another flash drive on my way home, I have been making sure they are usb 2 as I seen online that issues can arise with usb 3 drives, will update after I have tried that.
  14. Hi, I have tried 3 different flash drives across 6 different USB ports and it's always a similar error, I know the pc can boot from flash drive as I successfully done a Ubuntu live environment from the drive in the photo. The drive used for the photo is also brand new I bought it from argos yesterday as I only had been testing with 2 old drives and felt it might be the drive this made no difference. The drives also all work fine booting unraid on my laptop.
  15. I have tried using both the USB creator provided by unraid and using the zip file and manually installing, both times running the make bootable as admin. I'm the photo I used the USB creator to make the most recent stable build and done no manual configuration. I also get a bond0 error.