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  1. Hi all, I'm having this issue with the Win Xp Vm. Issue is as stated. 1 thread maxes out and VM is simply unusable. Tried different machine types to no avail. This issue started to happen after installing USB PCIe card drivers. Tried different versions to get to nowhere. VM Task manager showing no use of cpu and host thread is slammed. Used "top" and confirmed its the qemu that's using it all. So other than throwing the pcie card away, is there a solution for this? Any help or suggestions would be great! Thanks.
  2. I'm having the same issue. Gpu passthrough works on Win 10 VM but when I try Linux it fails. Tried Ubuntu and Manjaro so far. Only VNC works.
  3. EDIT: I dug in more and apparently it's a issue on the game's end. Server does not show up on sever list in-game and it's not possible to connect using steam connect BUT if you go in-game and direct connect using the server ip, it connects. Thanks for looking into it so quickly. It's still not working. I can see it on steam servers list but not in game. When I click on connect from steam, I get the error "Unable to connect to server, app id specified by server is invalid" I checked the game_id on the docker and compared it with the steam server list. It is correct so kinda stuck again. I attached my log here too. Thanks again.log.txt
  4. Hey ich777. First of all thanks for all the work you've done with these dockers. I started having an issue with Conan Exiles docker. I believe they changed something in their dedicated server app and now it's not working. I saw some people having similar issues with pc dedicated server app too. I'm getting 002b:fixme:wininet:InternetSetOptionW Option 77 STUB and it keeps going on like that. It used to work a month ago or so and didn't change anything on my machine. I also did a clean install but still getting the same issue. Is it possible for you to take a look at it when you have the time? Many thanks in advance!