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  1. Im just using a cheap Nvidia GT710. I dont need great graphics for my purposes. I made some progress...Last night I was finally able to get a picture with GPU passthrough on Ubuntu 20.04. I had to create the VM right from the start with the GPU already set in the template. In the past I always started the install using VNC, then changed the template to use a GPU after the install was completed, but every time I try it this way I only get a black screen. Unfortunately because of the way I have my setup, starting with VNC would still be much easier. I now have another issue t
  2. Have you tried any other Linux VM's? Because I can no longer get GPU passthrough to work on ANY Linux distro VM I try to create.
  3. I added my diagnostics. I'm at a loss. If anybody could help I would appreciate it.
  4. So over this past week I tried to setup multiple other Linux VM's. I have now tried multiple distro's based on Debian, Arch, and Redhat. I also tried creating another Ubuntu 18.04 VM but I have the same issue on all of them...VNC works fine, but when I pass through a GPU I get a black screen. So I created a Windows 10 VM using the same GPU and passthrough works fine. It also still works fine on my old Ubuntu 18.04 VM with the same GPU. I just cant get it working for any new Linux VM I create. I also updated Unraid to 6.8.3 and again created multiple Linux VM's but I still have the same i
  5. I did the same as opiekeith. I went into the "older" docker and created a backup of my settings, then I stopped that docker. I then installed the newer docker, went into its settings and restored the old settings from the backup I made. I'm not sure if this was the best way, but its super easy and fast and everything is working perfectly
  6. Im having an issue getting a Ubuntu 20.04 VM working with GPU pass-through. Im on Unraid 6.7.2 and setup the VM using the Ubuntu template. It works fine with VNC but I cant get it working with GPU pass through. I have a Ubuntu 18.04 VM that works fine using the same GPU and settings. I stopped my Ubuntu 18.04 VM, made sure the template for Ubuntu 20.04 VM is setup with exactly the same 8 CPU cores, 16GB of RAM, same GPU set for video and audio card. The machine is set to Q35-3.1 and the Bios is OVMF. I also edited the xml file to add the GPU rom file and match the bus and add the multifu
  7. Sorry, I meant to include diagnostics. Thats what happens when i post in the middle of the night.
  8. Just upgraded from 6.7.2 and my Windows 10 VM wont start. No error message. It looks like its starting then it boot loops. If anybody has any suggestions it would be appreciated.
  9. I will run the parity check then. Better safe then sorry. Thanks for the reply Jonathanm!
  10. I have basically the same situation as the OP and I have a question. I saw instructions in another thread (that was for an older version of unraid) that suggested after the parity rebuild is done, that I should do a parity check. Is that still needed? Or after the parity rebuild is done can I just start using my array like normal? Any clarification would be appreciated, Thanks in advance!
  11. So I just got CA to uninstall and reinstall. Its working and the Apps tab is back, but I cant run the OS update assistant. I get the same error that I was getting prev with CA. Says it cant connect even though my server has an internet connection.
  12. Here are my diagnostics. Thanks for the help Squid.
  13. Yes, it can reach the internet. That was the first thing I checked when I originally got the error with updating CA.
  14. So I just tried to uninstall and I got the same message that started my issue... It shows my servers IP and says Failed to connect. Then back on the plugins page CA is now missing. So I tried to install it and got same error. Then I decided to just try and upgrade the Unraid OS but I get the same error if I try to run the Update assistant.
  15. I'm on 6.6.7. Reboot didn't work so I guess I will try the reinstall. I want to install 6.7.2, should I install that first or fix CA first?