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  1. Would it be possible to create an Empyrion - Galactic Survival Docker? Here is a link to someone who built one using WINE:
  2. Thank you sir, that solved my issue.
  3. I am trying to get mining started I keep getting the error below: 20210310 01:19:20 Using protocol: stratum3. 20210310 01:19:20 Extranonce is set to: a9 20210310 01:19:20 Authorizing... 20210310 01:19:20 WARN: failed to stratum2-authorize on { config -backup.json
  4. Hey, wondering if anyone can help. My MongoDB docker might be installed to my cache and I want to ensure the database files are going to the array. I assume I could just create a share that doesn't use the cache then change the storage parameter in my mogod.conf to aim at a folder in that share. Then I would stop mongodb, move the *.wt files to the new share. storage: dbPath: journal: enabled: true would I just configure storage: dbPath: /mnt/user/<databaseshare>/<mongodb>/ journal: enabled: true
  5. I want you to know my Valheim server has been rock solid and my friends and I are loving it. Thank you sir!
  6. Followed the guide, found out that my ISP is what's blocking port80 and SWAG won't work if I setup a dynu port redirect to something like 40080. So I guess I will never get a certificate
  7. That's what I can't seem to figure out what's blocking the connection. Based on the line below. If I open the UnRaid terminal should I be able to telnet to port 180 on the UnRaid server and get a response from SWAG before I get a certificate? telnet 180
  8. So, at this point I am trying to figure things out. In my router I have configured port 80 and port 443 to forward to my UnRaid server on ports xx080 and xx443 which are the same ports on my SWAG configuration. I am getting timeouts try to renew my expired cert. I tried to telnet into unraid on xx080 and it tells me it cannot open a connection. If I can't establish the connection to the SWAG container how can I renew my cert?
  9. but shouldn't I be about to access https://abc.def.ghi.jkl:xx443 even if the cert isn't any good?
  10. Hey, I just converted my UnRaid server from letsencrypt to SWAG. For some reason when I left click and select the WebUI for SWAG I get "this site can't be reached". Everything was working until I installed the SWAG docker. Now I can't get to the WebUI and I am failing the check to get a certificate. I am unable to access https://<serverIP>:<sslport>
  11. I am looking for a way to setup unRaid that will allow my friends and I to upload video game footage (10-20GBs or larger) to a central server on one of our home networks. I would also like to host a VM Where we can remotely edit footage when necessary. If possible I would like to avoid everyone having to install new software on their PC but if we must then it is what it is. My guess is that this is probably going to require an OwnCloud or NexxtCloud Docker and their software. I am just curious if there is another way?