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  1. Hello again. After getting my admin stuff set up. I am now having trouble gettings my V Rising server on their server list. A port forward tester is saying that my port is not open for 9876-9877. I set my xfinity router to have those ports open for my server. Do I maybe need to change the network type on my docker to something other than bridge? My ISP is no help at all. It might be important to note that people can join the server if I invite them via steam friend invite But the server shows as offline to then when they try to direct connect or when they go to their previous servers.
  2. I added it here. I will try to add it to the other location now then. You think I might be able to assign the admin through the startup commands? It would just be me so I image it would look something like "SetAdminLevel [ME] SuperAdmin"
  3. Im having some trouble authorizing myself as the admin in my V Rising server. Is this happening to anyone else? I followed the dev guide on github to no luck. I tried my steam ID username as well as my 64 version. No luck there.
  4. Any chance I can get a hand in setting up a Pavlov VR server? I thought I had it all set up correctly but apparently not. I can see my server in the server list within the game but it has a 999 ping and times out when I try to join. I am not familiar with SteamCMD, nor would I consider myself advanced in linux.\ I attached 2 snaps of my logs. Maybe they would shed some light on the issue. Not sure myself.
  5. Hey all, Sab has been tweaking for quite some time now. (quite honestly everything has) but one thing at a time. It is constantly changing its IP on me and is throwing off Radarr and Sonarr. In the settings where you can change the host IP I have it set to Maybe it's done on purpose or not but I can't actually change that value within the interface. And even stranger is what I see when I open the menu that I have attached. It says my local IP isnt (which is the IP of my server). It says AND EVEN WEIRDER is that the last digit changes every couple of days to And then back again. Like I said, I am having problems with sonarr, radarr, and deluge. So I am trying to hit the low hanging fruit first before I have to get the ladder if you get what I mean. I have heard some people change the IP to be the public one and just use duckdns so that way this issue never will happen. I'd love some help doing that if anyone knows... I have also attached sabs settings page in unraid if it helps at all.
  6. My delugeVPN webui won't connect. I've attached the log for it. I can't make sense of any of it. I've tried changing things up with my pia vpn proxy stuff. No luck. And since deluge hasn't been connecting I have not been able to connect Sonarr/Radarr. If I switch the proxy in the edit for the docker to off everything connects fine. So I believe I'm on the right track with blaming PIA for this but I'm still not sure. Any help would be great. I followed all of Space invaders1 videos if that helps. I replaced the files in openvpn folder figuring getting updated files might do something. supervisord.log
  7. after a few hours of messing around I stumbled upon the logs for the docker. ---Prepare Server--- ---Server ready--- ---Checking for old logs--- ---Start Server--- Cannot exec '/serverdata/serverfiles/tModLoaderServer': No such file or directory Session terminated, killing shell...'---Checking if UID: 99 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Checking if GID: 100 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Setting umask to 000--- ---Checking for optional scripts--- ---No optional script found, continuing--- ---Starting...--- ---Version Check--- ---Terraria Version up-to-date--- ---Version Check of tModloader--- ---tModloader Version up-to-date--- ---Prepare Server--- ---Server ready--- ---Checking for old logs--- ---Start Server--- Cannot exec '/serverdata/serverfiles/tModLoaderServer': No such file or directory
  8. Do you also happen to know a solution to this problem? I renamed the docker to TerrariaModded but I am not sure if that is the issue as I also renamed the tshock docker to just Terraria and I can access its screen just fine.
  9. Hey again, my terraria server isn't saving the world file in the worlds folder I pasted a snip of the log file. It says it stores it in the .local path. I have no idea where that is exactly. This wouldn't matter so much normally but for some reason i lost my world file and I can't seem to recover it. It is like it just vanished. 2020-09-15 20:05:37 - TextLog: INFO: Zach_peterson4 disconnected. 2020-09-15 20:05:37 - Utils: INFO: Broadcast: Saving world... 2020-09-15 20:05:40 - Utils: INFO: Broadcast: World saved. 2020-09-15 20:05:40 - SaveManager: INFO: World saved at (/serverdata/.local/share/Terraria/Worlds/Calamity.wld)
  10. So when I am creating my world locally am I creating it on tmodloader? and what files exactly am I transferring over to the docker? The config file and the map file? Also (and this question may be stupid) do I have to create the world it a multiplayer instance to run on the server or can I make a single player world and use that for the server world?
  11. Have you changed the port? Please keep in mind that you have to delete the old entry 7777 and create a new one with container port 7771 and host port 7771 otherwise it won't work (don't forget to set the config file accordingly so the server uses actualy port 7771 and not the default 7777). Yes I changed the port as you specified.
  12. Hey I am trying to get your tmodloader docker running along side you tshock docker for terraria servers. The way I got the tshock one working properly was to just delete the GAME_PARAMS -config serverconfig.txt in the docker settings. I would then use the docker exec -u terraria -ti NAMEOFYOURCONTAINER screen -xS Terraria to get into the screen of the docker and just manually choose my world or if I want to create a new one. I could not get the serverconfig folder to work properly on the tshock server so when I went to set up the tmodloader server I did a similar thing. I also changed the port to listen to to 7771 just to not confuse the router. The docker starts but when I try to use the command docker exec -u terraria -ti TerrariaModded screen -xS Terraria. It says this "There is no screen to be attached matching Terraria." So I then went back and re-added the serverconifg txt in the docker settings to hope it loads up and it still wont. When trying to access the server on my tmodloader app on my desktop it just hangs on "connecting to". Any help would make my day for sure. And if I can also get some help troubleshooting why I can't use the config txt file with the tshock server that'd be great. If you need any screenshots or uploads lmk. I would have done them in the OP but I quite honestly don't know what to look for.
  13. I have some drives not being seen when placed in my r720xd. I have other drives in there being seen just fine. I just picked up some elements drive (8tb) for my unRAID server. After testing them with the included usb and power they worked just fine. But when shucked and slotted in the server they aren't seen. So I went and taped the 3rd pin. Again. Not seen. I am not sure what the issue is. I have a H710 with IT mode on it. But I don't know what else to do. Btw I am about 2 weeks into the server life so I don't know too much. I have included my logs from unRaid if anyone knows how to translate that