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  1. I am using Surfshark VPN, and have set my container to a static IP (Custom br0). I can access the container webui when VPN enabled is set to "no", but I cannot access it once it is set to "yes" However, if I disable the static IP and go back to Bridge, it seems to work with VPN enable is set to "yes" I couldn't find much on this in the thread, is there a reason for this? Thanks
  2. Hi Nanobug, Glad you posted this in here. Yes, the original command only hardlinks directory contents, it won't hardlink the whole directory unfortunately. Since my earlier post I found and use this command as an easier way to get around this and hardlink entire directories to my PLEX folder. Sure, Sonarr / Radarr does this in the background, but: a) I haven't used either (yet) b) I have a lot of content already downloaded "manually" over the years, which I assume Sonarr and Radarr won't automatically & retroactively detect and hardlink by i
  3. Hi gangefors / everyone, Thanks for making & maintaining this container. I'm a fairly new user but have an issue: The appdata data is not going to the folder I specified under the "Data Storage" heading (/mnt/user/appdata/airdcpp/). That folder is completely empty. I found all the data is going to "/var/lib/docker/volumes/18c74a254cd43b8251189634f5c7100d674f586243db23eae5c848d48659bb29/_data/" How can I change this?
  4. Is there a clean / proper way to shut down this qbittorrent container? Every time I stop my array, or restart the container I get a cluster of torrents with the error "Missing Files". Qbittorrent then goes and checks through them, and they're always all fine, but it takes a lot of time, necessary resources and disk spinning. Also once the check is complete I need to go and manually click resume for each torrent. Thanks
  5. Yes that's right. I leave the Torrent folders and all the files in them untouched so I can continue seeding. I then create hardlinks of those in a separate folder called "Plex" (with sub folders for TV, movies), and then rename the hardlinks so that Plex picks them up and indexes them correctly. I've been doing it for a few years on my old 4-bay QNAP and it worked well. It's also been working so for me so far in Unraid over the past couple of days using the command line method I mentioned in my 2nd post, but I was curious if there was an easier / alternative method to collectively
  6. Hi I think you may have misunderstood my original post. My objective is to hardlink of all my media files in my Torrent folders to a Plex folder in the same share. Once done, I can rename and reorganise as required for Plex to index them, while the "originals" stay unaltered in my torrent folder. Best of both worlds
  7. Thanks for your reply The primary reason is for torrent seeding. I seed everything in my Torrents folder, but I want to rename and restructure it so that Plex indexes it properly, which rarely happens if I let Plex index the downloads folder directly (due to poor or incorrect file naming structures etc). My understanding is that Sonaar and Radaar do this hardlinking automatically for Plex. I intend to install them a bit later and use them going forward, but I already have a significant media library. I'd rather not re-download everything via Sonaar / Radaar.
  8. I'm open to anyone with an easier & better way, but the only solution I've found so far is to type the following at the console. It'll be a very slow process to go through my entire share vs. the simplicity of Link Shell Extension, but it works (i.e. PLEX can see the files): Example:
  9. I have folders with files in the same user share, and I want to hard link them to a separate subfolder (for PLEX / renaming) What's the easiest way to do this? I can't see an easy way either Krusader or Midnight Commander In Windows I used Link Shell Extension to hard-link folders on my QNAP SMB share for PLEX; but unfortunately Link Shell Extension doesn't seem to work on my Unraid SMB share. Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm new to Unraid and having trouble setting some default parameters in ruTorrent. I want to change the default port and global throttle rates, but I noticed any settings that I manually change or set in the GUI are all lost whenever the docker is restarted. Is this Normal? Is there a way I can make GUI changes permanent? I tried added the following lines to the rtorrent.rc file, but the Global throttle still defaults to 327625 for both upload and download after a restart. I also want to change the default Host Port from 51413 to 62499. I have forward