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  1. No idea why, but I deleted the Movies library I created and then used the default film library and they are now scanning in, bizarre.
  2. Hi just switch to plex from another version as I was having issues. Solved other issues I was having but now for some reason none of my Movies will scan in. Have all my TV shows and Music but no movies at all.
  3. Swapping to the plex and the GUI came straight up, can I copy some files from the old docker to update the collections and watched files and such. Had to manually input some release dates and content ratings that didn't auto fill as well. Thanks to trurl for taking the time to help.
  4. Yeah done that, just wasn't aware it was called mapping. Also I only put Temp for trasncoding as that is what I was told to do, thought it made it more snappy when pausing, playing and searching video.
  5. Have rebooted now and moved trancode to a subfolder of appdata. The previous docker was corrupt and I did a clean install after deleting the appdata of the old one. Still can't access the GUI though. Maybe I'll try plex, with any luck I will be able to access the GUI then. Nope don't know what you mean by docker volume mapping.
  6. Thanks for taking the trouble to respond.
  7. Yeah I would but looking at some of the requests for help at the support page no one seems to bother helping. I thought I might have gotten someone to help me here, but I guess no one has any ideas of what is wrong.
  8. Plex stopped working, couldn't see any of my content for some reason. Did the usual and restarted the docker, no go, deleted the docker and reinstalled, no go. I even rebooted the server, but nothing. So I tried to restore from backup, nope. Last thing I tried was deleting the appdata for plex and reinstalling it and now I can't even bring up the GUI for plex. I had to give myself ownership and permission to delete the appdata, but there were still some folders that wouldn't delete. I am seriously out of ideas. Help please. This is what I get when trying access GUI: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <MediaContainer size="0" content="plugins"> </MediaContainer>
  9. Diagnostics attached
  10. I have Plex and Rutorrent that are running, but it's only recently that the files speed has been this pathetic.
  11. Noticed that the CPU is working overtime just to copy the files average 70%. This wasn't always the case and pretty sure it isn't normal.
  12. Hey, the issue is I'm getting 5mb transfer speed that drops down to 0mb over and over again. I've found something about not filling drives up or this might happen but mine are only 70 - 80% full. Doesn't matter if it's set to turbo or not, network is set up fine, what should I do?
  13. No idea why but my Unraid server was being treated as unsecure and wouldn't allow me to access it. The problem with rutorrent was my VPN deleting the TCP UDP credentials I was using, FFS. Fixed for now. Maybe someone will reply before I pull my head out my ass next time. Thanks
  14. I have recently installed a new modem router and everything was working fine until today. To start with I couldn't access the ruTorrent WebUI and now I can't access the Unraid WebUI. I have tried restarting my computer, my server and my router. Tried different ip settings for the server but can't access it. Strangely enough I can still access the shares that I mapped and can still watch plex on the TV, but not the comouter. WTF, can someone help please.
  15. Hi Don't know what is going on with ruTorrent, suddenly there were no torrents downloading so I restarted it hoping that would fix it and now no torrents are even showing up and the WebUI skin has reverted back to the standard. It's like it's a new install. Can someone help me get all my torrents back please, not sure what I need to supply to assist. Edit - No worries just updated my vpn credentials and that fixed it. Edit - Now I have (received status code 400) and (This site can’t be reached). The only thing I can think of is that I recently replaced my modem/router, not sure what to do.