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  1. How would you consider a drive like this? I mean, there were pending sectors at the start, but then they recovered.. I got those pending sector with the old PSU (a very cheap VS350 from Corsair) and the sata cables all bundled together.. now I'm using a much more respectable RM750i and I've also separated the sata cables to prevent crosstalk.. Maybe I'd do another 3 cycles just to be sure...
  2. Can someone help me a little with the configuration of GUS with linuxserver/swag ? I've selected network type: custom (picking the proxynet used by the other services that already use swag), but the docker won't get its ports mapped I know that's been written to leave network to host.. but that's why I'm asking for help 👼
  3. Hi, I’m in the process of adding actual data center-tier storage to my unraid which is composed of scrap discs. Currently I have: 2xWD Black 1TB (1 parity, 1 data) 1xWD RE2 500GB (data) I just received 2 Seagate Exos 10TB and since I was having some problems with the 1TB data drive, I had to use the parity swap procedure. The actual copy of parity has complete and it’s now rebuilding the missing 1TB data drive on the other 1TB that used to be my old parity drive. But the question is: can I stop the array, just unassign the 1TB that used to be my parity drive and instead let it rebuild on the other 10TB I have? By doing this I would skip a useless rebuild since I’m going to remove it anyway.
  4. Mine is mATX infact. I'm not an expert on ASUS WS mobos, but maybe it's true that /SE variants come only in mATX form factor.
  5. I have the same motherboard, except for mine is the Pro/SE version, which has an IPMI interface with the BMC ASPEED AST2500 chip for remote monitoring and KVM. Pretty neat feature for a server as it allows you to run 100% without a monitor and a keyboard attached to it. Oh, and I run an i3 9100 so that I can use 2x8GB ECC DDR4 2400
  6. Just wanted to report that I was able to pre-clear two Seagate ST10000NM0086 drives at the same time. It took 48h15m each with the -f option. My CPU (Intel Core i3 9100 on an Asus WS C246M Pro/SE and 16GB of ECC DDR4 2400) was constantly at 100% during the writing process. Anyway, good work!