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  1. The issue has been solved, Apparently SwOS forwarding ingress rates doesn't work correctly, in all honesty I'm suspecting Windows more than Unraid here.
  2. Hello, Is there any update ? In the worst case scenario, we can discuss a way to give you access so you can diagnose the issue directly on the machine. Best regards,
  3. Take your time, I have some days of storage on external hard disks, even though it's a pain for me, I appreciate that somehow I managed to land on a bug or a mishap that will improve Unraid
  4. Hello, I'm sorry for not posting any update sooner, I was too busy trying to find ways to store my data elsewhere so I can restart my server... I just did what you told me and I still have the same issue, writing very slow then fails, but reading is perfectly normal. I stopped the parity check during safe mode to be sure it's not the issue. I also stopped the docker and the VM services, just to remove that out of the way. Please find attached the diagnostics, thank you for your help ❤️
  5. Hello everyone, I use my Unraid install as my important data holder among other things, but since few days (3 days to a week), I'm not able to copy anything in it, each time I try to launch a copy, the transfer get stuck on starting for a couple of seconds, then get stuck for 10 to 20 seconds between each two files, then after a couple of files, it just stops, also, if I try to cancel the transfer, it get stuck on cancelling for around 20 seconds to a minute sometimes, before eventually cancelling. This have been for days and I have tried updating to the latest version without any results. Now the issue is becoming serious and I really need to access my files, almost everything is on my Unraid machine. When I look at the logs, each time I start a transfer, the system start spitting this error Apr 23 06:36:33 Burdj winbindd[13785]: [2021/04/23 06:36:33.708273, 0] ../../source3/winbindd/idmap_hash/idmap_hash.c:115(idmap_hash_initialize) Apr 23 06:36:33 Burdj winbindd[13785]: idmap_hash_initialize: The idmap_hash module is deprecated and should not be used. Please migrate to a different plugin. This module will be removed in a future version of Samba Please help me as when what an annoyance few days ago is critical really right now, thank you very much
  6. Here you go, can you help please 😃?
  7. I'm having the exact same issue, looks like this is becoming a real concern and no assistance is given
  8. I hate the exact same issue, started 2 to 3 days ago
  9. Update, after rebooting, it works now without any reason and nothing has changed. This is very strange but unreliable, please help me to make reliable.
  10. Hello, My Unraid machine always loses domain access after restart, usually, I can just relog it in. But today, for some reason it does not want to join, no matter what I did. I want to point out that I've already made it join without issue in the past (except redoing it on every server restart), I really don't know what is going wrong with it.
  11. I hope he'll be fine, thank you very much. Plugin author if you read me, take your time and I hope you and your family are fine. Take it is easy mate
  12. Is this tool still updated ?... we have less than 5 messages in more than a month and they're all questions
  13. After advice from Unraid team to post my issue here, maybe I'll have a better support as it could be a plugin issue: Hello everyone, I'm actually trying Unraid (And I love it). I've already watched tutorials (thanks Space invader one if you read me !) However I'm running into issues when it comes to temperatures & fan monitoring in general: - temperatures are shown but are "frozen" and doesn't refresh no matter what I do, either they're completely frozen or the refresh time is way too long. - The temperatures are different from the IPMI interface - Thought about going to the plugin page and post my issue, however the issue is not plugin related, I've gone to console and use `watch -n 1 sensors` and temperatures doesn't refresh there too, however the plugin is picking them correctly - Last, might be a plugin related issue, I don't see any of my fans even if my board got more than 5 pwm fan connectors that are connected to Noctua A14 PWM fans (that are running) Beside that temperatures displayed are "normal" and "realistic" between 30 to 40°c, and from time to time the threshold od the ssd kicks in when I use them intensively, it just takes a LONG time to refresh Do you have an idea how can I investigate/solve the issue ? Please find attached some pictures : IPMI interface temperatures : Temperatures in Unraid interface: watch sensors command in console: used driver and configuration: Finally, here all available temperature sensors: Thank you very much for your read, can you please help me ? Best regards, Samy
  14. Thank you very much for your fast response. Alright, let's say if I want to completely remove the plugin(in case I can't solve that issue), the problem is sensors-lm isn't uninstalled in the process. What's the equivalent of apt or yum in Unraid ?